Final score NCAA final last 5 years?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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2009- North Carolina 89, Michigan St. 72

2008- Kansas 75, Memphis 68 OT

2007- Florida 84, Ohio State 75

2006- Florida 73, UCLA 57

2005- North Carolina 75, Illinois 70

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has the last 70 final scores games, with teams and location

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Q: Final score NCAA final last 5 years?
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Final score NCAA final 5 years? has the last 70 final scores games, with teams and location

The final score of the 1992 NCAA east regional final?

Duke 104 Kentucky 103

What was the final score of the 1939 NCAA basketball championship?

Oregon defeated Ohio State 46-33

What year did the Final Four for the NCAA play in Denver?

The NCAA Final Four was played in Denver in 1990.

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Which conference has the most NCAA final four basketball appearances in the past 20 years?

Thats a tricky question to answer as conferences have changed alot over the years. The Pac-10 hands down. UCLA alone holds 11 titles.....more than any other conference combined. Schools hold the championships, not conferences. So when a school switches conferences, or if a conference dissolves altogether....well, lets just say, its a moot question. Example....Miami holds their football championships....some as independant, some as a member of the Big East. Now that they are in the ACC....their next title will be there. A more correct question would be....which conference has the most schools with the most championships? Current schools in the Pac-10 combine to hold 15 NCAA titles in basketball. Pac-10 (15)SEC - (10)Big Ten - (10)Big East - (10)ACC - (10)Big 12 - (4)