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Q: Who won the NCAA final championship?
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What team won the 2006 mens ncaa final four championship?

Florida defeated UCLA, 73-57, to win the 2006 NCAA Division I basketball championship.

Which university won the NCAA football championship 2008?

The team that won the NCAA Championship was the Florida Gators.

When was last time Connecticut won NCAA championship?

2004 was the last time Connecticut won the NCAA championship

How many NCAA basketball championships has the University of Temple won?

Temple has never won a Men's NCAA basketball championship. They did reach the Final Four in 1956 and 1958.

Did temple win an NCAA national championship?

No, Temple has never won a NCAA National Championship.

Which ncaa team won the last championship?

The University of Connecticut won the NCAA National Championship Game in basketball last year.

Who won the NCAA in 1998?

The Kentucky Wildcats won their seventh NCAA Basketball Championship in 1998.

What team won the lacrosse NCAA championship in 2003?

The Univeristy of Virginia won the D1 championship.

Has Illinois ever won the NCAA championship?

No. Illinois has been to four Final Fours ( 1949-51-52-89 ) but never won the championship. actually Illinois has been to 5 final fours, last one 2005 Yes, Illinois won a NCAA Championship in 1915, going 16-0. This was pre-tournament, so the Helms Foundation determined the NCAA champion back then. The NCAA was founded in 1906. NO. Illinois has won a NATIONAL Championship, but not an NCAA Championship. The Helms awarded titles years later. For example, UNC has won 5 National titles (1924, 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005) but only 4 of them are NCAA Championships. The title in 1924 was awarded by the Helms Foundation, much like the Illini's title in 1915.

Who won the 1992 NCAA basketball championship?

Duke defeated Michigan to win the 1992 NCAA Basketball Championship.

Who won the NCAA football championship in 2009?

The 2009 NCAA Football Championship game will be played in Jan. 2010.

When did Marquette University win the NCAA basketball championship?

Marquette won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1977.

Who won womens NCAA championship?


Who won the NCAA basketball championship?


Who won the 1995 NCAA Championship?


Who won the NCAA championship in 1991?


How many previous championships does the Miami NCAA basketball team have?

They have never won the NCAA championship.

What was the final score of ncaa basketball game in 2011?

The final score of the final game in the 2011 NCAA championship game was:Connecticut 53 Butler 41

Syracuse Orange last NCAA basketball championship?

Syracuse has won the NCAA basketball championship only once, in 2003.

What NCAA teams won in 2007?

In 2007, LSU were the BCS National Champions in NCAA Division I FBS football for that respective season. In basketball, Florida won the Final Four for the championship. Oregon State won the College World Series.

What NCAA Men's basketball team has been to the most final fours without winning a championship?

The University of Houston and the University of Illinois have both been in the Final Four 5 times. Neither of them have won a championship.

Has the University of Missouri at Columbia won any NCAA mens Championships?

Missouri has never won an NCAA championship.

How many NCAA Men's Basketball Championships has Clemson won?

Clemson has never won a NCAA Championship game.

How many times has Ohio won the ncaa basketball tournament?

NCAA Championship 1960 OSU They Have Won One

Who won the 2014 ncaa football national championship?

The Florida State Seminoles won the 2014 NCAA football national championship.