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Eat health

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Q: Eat before a soccer game
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What do you eat before a soccer game?

High energy foods, carbohydrates or isotonic drinks.

What are good foods to eat before a soccer game Why are they good for you?

Carbohydrates are the best thing for you to eat "before" a game (best a couple of days before or the evening before the game). This includes things such as:PastaCerealsGrainsBreadRiceFruit & VegCrackersBagelsThe reason why these are the best things to eat is that they are most efficient food for the bodies energy also have a soccer game also so im eating pasta and bread!!

When and what should you eat before a soccer game?

Any kind of Pasta that has no sauce, cheese, or any other condimants.

What should you eat after a soccer game?


What should you eat and drink the night before your soccer game?

You should eat a fruit cup, a ham sandwich, eat so veggies, and drink a healthy smoothie

Would a grilled cheese sandwitch be wise to eat before a soccer game?

Yes, unless you have a weak stomach then you should probably eat pasta.

How long before a soccer game should a player eat?

at least an hour if not more but dont eat greasy foods before the game. eat like a salad or something that gives u energy but not anything big. and the night before a game try to eat noodles. they give u energy for the game ideally two hours before a game, eating pasta and potatoes will boost your carbohydrate levels to give you more energy.

Is candy good before a soccer game?


What does a soccer player from south Africa eat after a game?


Should a soccer player train the day before a game?

Yes they should be trained before a game

Is it safe to shower before a soccer game?

Yes its 100 percent safe to take a shower before a soccer game. I Do It When Ever I need and Play with refreshing happiness :-)

Did rugby come before soccer?

No, rugby was invented during a game of soccer or as i say it football.

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