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no, if you are talking about the original k18 the k18 2 came out and is used on a straight shaft

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Q: Does the stx k18 head work without the crank shaft?
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Does a stx duece head fit on maverick bazooka shaft?

almost every head fits on every shaft. Excluding the kyle harrison sticks and head which have a tilt and only work on the stx cranckshaft 10degree shaft

Why is the hole on your lacrosse shaft bigger than the one on your head and will it work?

it shouldn't be. and no it will not work

Will a warrior mojo lacrosse head fit a brine swizzbeat shaft?

Yes, I have a Warrior Mojo head on my Brine Swizzbeat Shaft and I love it. So if your going to try this out, then yes it will work.

How do you fix wet crank shaft sensor?

You can try drying it with a hair blow dryer. If that does not work then heat your oven to 150 degrees and leave it in there overnight. If that does not work you will need to replace it.

How exactly do you know if the crank shaft sensor is bad?

when the hall effect and ignition module are good, the injectors and coil no work maybe this sensor is bad

How does a well work for a pulley?

Most wells do not use pulleys. The traditional style simply winds the rope around the shaft. The mechanical advantage is made by the length of the crank handle, in relation to the diameter of the accumulated rope on the shaft.

How do you get a very tight lacrosse head onto a shaft?

To get a very tight Lacrosse head onto a shaft, spray both sides with a lubricant. WD-40 is a good lubricant for this procedure. Liquid Wrench will also work.

How do you remove the manual window handle so that you can replace the front door speakers of a 1998 Kia Sephia?

This is a little tricky if you don't know how to do it. The crank is actually on piece of plastic molded. It is held onto the shaft by a keeper that snaps onto the back part of the handle. It is a little trick to get off with standard tools but a flat head screw driver usually work. Push the plastic door panel back away from the crank you should be able to see the keeper snapped over the plastic part of the crank that goes onto the shaft. The keeper is sort of a circular spring with an opening. Find and flat head screw driver that will part the opening in the spring far enough to slide it off. The crank handle pulls straight off.

How does a timing belt work?

A timing belt is driven by the crank shaft and allows the camshaft to turn,which opens and closes intake and exhaust valves in their proper timing sequence.

How do you remove the crank shaft bolt on a 1994 Hyundai Elantra?

On my 1.6L Elantra there is a hole in the inner fender that lines up with the crank shaft bolt. Remove the front tire. A half inch drive extension bar will fit right into the recess in the crank bolt. I used my impact wrench and a 1 foot long 1/2" drive extension and the bolt came right out. A 1/2" drive ratchet or breakover bar would work just as well. My problem now is I can't get the crank shaft timing belt gear off. It moves about 1/4" and then hangs up.

What shaft would work best for a deBeer intution lacrosse stick?

If you want to buy the stick head alone, it would probably be better to buy the complete stick. It will come with the shaft that is most compatible with the head. Otherwise go to a store and feel for yourself a bunch of debeer shafts. Pretty much every shaft will work for every head as long as they are made by the same company. I am considering buying the NV3 myself, and I am buying the complete stick so not to coplicate my life and hunt for the perfect shaft.

How do you put a lacrosse head on a lacrosse stick?

Normally the lacrosse head is screwed into the shaft. You can therefore use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw connecting the head to the shaft. once the screw is removed you will be able to remove the head from the lacrosse shaft