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yes, it gets more momentum and goes farther

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Q: Does the speed of the baseball effect how far it is hit?
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Does the length of the baseball bat effect how far the baseball goes?

No it depends on how far you hit the bat Yes, therefor it gives the ball more "sweet spot", or barrel to hit.

How far does a wooden baseball bat hit a baseball?

It matters how far you hit it

What factors determine how far a baseball travels when hit?

There are several factors that determine how far a baseball travels when hit. The main factor is the force that the bat hits the ball with as well as the speed of swinging the bat among others.

How far can a baseball be hit?


When a base is hit the distance it will travel depends on its speed?

When a baseball is hit, the distance it will travel depends on its speed.

What happens after a baseball is hit at a constant speed with a baseball bat?


Does the weight and size of a ball effect how far you can hit it with a baseball bat?

Yes =============================================================== well, 80% yes. the other 20% is depended on how fast you throw it

Does bat speed help you hit a softball farther?

Generally, yes - or at lest to a greater extent than it does in baseball. Physically, the harder you hit the ball (mostly speed of the bat) the farther it will travel. In softball, the speed of the incoming ball really doesn't vary all that much between fast pich and slow pitch. In baseball, the speed of the incoming ball - if it's a fast ball especially - has a great bearing on how far the ball will travel. So if the bat speed is good in either sport, in softball the hit will travel farther. In baseball, with the right pitch, the hit will travel much farther.

How far will a baseball go when its hit by a metal bat?

That obviously depends on how hard it is hit.

Does the weight of a baseball bat affect how far the ball goes and why?

Yes. Given the same bat speed, ball speed, and point of contact, a ball hit with a heavier bat will travel farther. F=ma.

If a baseball was hit 90 mph would it be hit back by the batter at a speed of 120 mph?

It depends how hard the batter swings and where they hit the ball on the bat. If they hit it too close or far from their hands it wont go as fast as being hit right on the heart of the barrel

What is the speed of a baseball when it's hit?

anywhere from 80-110 mph

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