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There are two major things that can act on how far you hit a Baseball. They are your stance and where on the bat you hit the ball. There are also other factors, such as what kind of pitch you are hitting, but they are not as major as the first two.

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the power of the hit, the angel of your hit, and wether or not you hit the sweet spot on the bat.

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speed, angle, accuracy and strength

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Q: What factors affect how far you can hit the baseball?
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What factors determine how far a baseball travels when hit?

There are several factors that determine how far a baseball travels when hit. The main factor is the force that the bat hits the ball with as well as the speed of swinging the bat among others.

Does the weight of a baseball bat affect how far the ball goes when it is hit?

It depends on how hard you hit the ball. :0

Does the baseball affect how easy it is to hit home runs?

No but it does matter where the ball is hit, if it is hit on the seams it will have more spin and won't go as far, and if it is hit with just smooth surface it will go farther with less spin.

What two factors determine the wind that might affect a baseball game?

The two factors that determine wind that might affect a baseball game are wind speed and wind direction. Wind speed influences how far a hit ball may travel, while wind direction can impact the trajectory of a ball in flight.

How far will a baseball go when its hit by a metal bat?

That obviously depends on how hard it is hit.

How far does a wood bat hit a baseball?

upto 400 feet

How far did Babe Ruth hit a baseball?

348 yards out of a stateam hit 60 home runs

What are the factors that affect a shuttlecock?

Factors that affect a shuttlecock include the type of feathers used, the speed and angle of the shuttlecock when hit, altitude and air humidity, and the quality of manufacturing. Additionally, external factors such as wind conditions and temperature can also impact the flight of a shuttlecock.

What does baseball affect?

because your dumb because u got hit by one thats how it affec

How does math affect sports?

because if your in football you would need the numbers how far or kick the ball if in golf you need to kown how far to hit the ball

How far did the home run go that Ron Paul hit in the 2009 Congessional Baseball Game hit?

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Does the speed of the baseball effect how far it is hit?

yes, it gets more momentum and goes farther