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Since "Appeals" are extensions of the play. All runs scored would count, and the batter would be credited with a single, since that was the last base he reached safely and the inning would be over (as this would be the 3rd out), now if he missed 1st base, then no runs would count as he never reached base safely, This would be the case even if he hit a homerun.

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Q: Does the run count if a runner is on third with 2 outs and the batter hits a triple but misses 2nd base and is out on appeal?
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If a batter hits a triple and misses second base and the defense appeals and the batter is called out how is that scored?

It is scored as a single, out at second.

If a player hits a triple and misses first base is that a hit?

It would be an out if the fielding team tagged the bag before the runner. However; if the picture threw a pitch to the next batter it would be a hit.

Can there be a triple play without the defense touching the ball?

A defensive player doesn't have to touch the ball for an Out to be recorded. The batter can strike out, a runner can be called Out on interference for being struck by a fair batted ball, and a runner can be called Out on appeal for missing a base, a batter can be declared out as a result of the Infield Fly Rule, etc. But in each of these cases, only one Out is recorded. I can't imagine any situation where it would be possible to record a triple play without a defensive player touching the ball.

3 triples 1 double 2 singles 2 stolen bases 1 inning no runs by one team?

Batter 1 triple out trying to come home Batter 2 triple out trying to come home batter 3 triple stays glued to third batter 4 double stays glued to second batter 5 single stays glued to first batter 6 single final out is a tag of home or a tag of the runner from first who didn't advance

How can a triple play occur without any fielder touching the ball after it leaves the pitcher's hand?

Runners on first and second. Batter pops it up and is out due to the infield fly rule. The runner on first passes the runner on second and is out. The remaining runner is hit by the pop fly. Unassisted triple play.

What is the most steals a team can get in an inning without scoring a run?

Ten - First batter reaches steals two bases tagged out at plate. Second batter does the same. Third batter steals two bases and fourth batter steals one. Ten is the answer but alternatively, first batter gets on and steals two bases (2). Next batter reaches first and steals second (3). Third batter reaches first and now with three runners on each base a triple steal could be executed with the 3rd base runner being tagged out (5). Repeat last sentence, (7). Then the fifth batter gets walked, and a triple steal is attempted. The runner from third gets caught in a rundown. The runner from second steals third (8). The runner from first steals second and third (10). Then one of the three runners now between third and home gets tagged out before the lead runner can score.

How can a team score 2 triples 1 double and 3 singles in one inning without scoring a run?

That is immpossible because if you hit a triple you have a guy on third. Then if you hit another triple then the runner scores because you force him/her to go off the base to home. <not so fast> It is possible. This play actually happened at the collegiate level. In one inning there was two triples, two doubles, two singles, nobody scores. 1st batter: deep shot in the gap runner rounds third and tries to go home and is gunned down (ruled a triple) 2nd batter: exact same play, runner gunned down trying to go home (ruled a triple) 3rd batter: hits double in the gap lands on second: 4th batter: hits double in the gap, runner on second tries to go home but trips on third base and sprains ankle. Crawls back to third. Runners on 2nd and 3rd with two outs. 5th batter: single in the 3 4 gap, left fielder prevents the run from scoring from 3rd. 6th batter: bases loaded two outs, hits the ball towards the 4 5 gap and hits the runner going from 2nd to 3rd. Runner is ruled out (interference) batter gets scored a single.

Bases loaded no outs batter hits into a triple play with no defenders touching the ball how does this happen?

Over the fence hit and three players out on appeal for missing bases.

If a runner is thrown out attempting a triple is the runner credited with a double?


Are there any exceptions where a run scores on a play in which the third out is made?

Yes. If a runner crosses home plate before the third out is made (unless it's a force out), the run counts. For example, say the Yankees have runner on third with two outs. The batter hits a ball to the gap in right center. The runner scores, but the batter is thrown out at third trying to stretch a double into a triple. Since the runner on third crossed home plate before the batter was out at third, the run counts. On a force play (at any base) the runner would not be allowed to score even if he crosses the plate before the force is made.

With runners on first and second how can a triple play occur without the fielder touching the ball and to which mlb team has this occured?

The batter hits a pop-fly making him out due to the infield fly rule. The runner on first passes the runner on second and the ball hits the runner on second. I dont know who it happened to.

How can a batter be awarded third base automatically i.e. an automatic triple?

Rule 7.05 (b) Each runner including the batter runner may, without liability to be put out advance (3) bases if a fielder deliberatly touches a fair ball with his cap, mask or any part of his uniform detached from its proper place on his person. Rule 7.05 (c) Three bases is a fielder deliberatly throws his glove at and TOUCHES a fair ball. In both cases the ball is in play and the batter runner may advance to home base at his own peril.

How do you score a point in baseball baseball?

Well in baseball you score runs. There is many ways you can score a run. Here are some ways: 1.) Homerun, 2.) A triple and then someone hits a single/double/homerun/sac fly, 3.) Two doubles in a row, 4.) A single and then a triple or homerun, and 5.) A batter gets a triple and then the pitcher throws a wild pitch and the runner scores.the technical answer is to have a runner or a batter/runner touch home plate safely after touching all 3 bases in order 1st 2nd 3rd than touch home before 3 outs are recordedThere are many ways to score in baseball.

How can there be three triples in one half inning of baseball and no runs are scored?

There are several ways:After each triple, the runner gets picked off third.After each triple, the runner is caught stealing home.Each triple is a hit that the runner tries to stretch into an inside-the-park home run but is thrown out at home plate. The runner is credited with a triple because he touched three bases.Each triple is a home run hit out of the stadium but the runner fails to touch home plate and goes right to the dugout. The runner is credited with a triple because he touched three bases.Some, but certainly not all, combinations of the above.I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them right now.

What is the term for the baseball hit that gets the batter to third base?

a triple

How can a runner be called out?

Interference, a double or triple play, obstruction.

Runner scores from first to win game in bottom 9 does the batter get a triple or double or single?

If the ball is hit in to the field, it's a single. If the ball bounces in to the stands, it's a double. If the ball leaves the park on the fly, it's a home run. In order for a game-ending hit to be ruled a double or a home run, the batter must advance to the necessary base. Example: Game 5 of the 1999 NLCS ended on what would have been a grand slam home run. The winning run was on third base and the batter advanced to first and stopped (mobbed by his teammates). He was credited with a 1 RBI single and not a grand slam since only the runner on third scored. The runner on second crossed the plate, but not before the celebration officially ended the game. The runner on first never advanced to second. (Had the batter reached second before the runner on first, he would have been called out.)

In little league if the runner leaves the base early and the batter gets a hit what is the call?

Well, if by he leaves early you mean steal, and by hit you mean the ball is not caught, this is call a hit and run. Or The rule book takes a full page attempting to explain what to do in all possible situations when any runner leaves early before a hit. I will try to simplify it. It's not easy though. There is one loophole in the rule that allows the offense to go unpenalized. If a runner or runners are forced to advance and have left early and the batter gets a "clean" hit. No penalty is imposed. A "clean" hit means it was a single, double or triple in the umpire's judgment. If it was a hit and an error or an advance on the throw, the batter will be sent back to the base that was the scored value and all runners must go back to the bases they originally held or the one nearest the batter. Any time a base becomes available after a hit, runners will be sent back. Here are some basic keys that help simplify the rule: 1. If one runner is guilty they are all guilty. 2. You move the batter-runner back to where you judge the value of the clean hit. Any advance made by him, beyond his scored hit, is nullified. 3. Place all runners back on their original bases whenever possible. Put them as close as possible to the batter-runner after placing the batter-runner at the base judged to be the clean hit. 4. If any bases become empty due to any runner or the batter-runner being put out, return the runners to those bases. EXAMPLE: Bases loaded, no outs. Batter hits a "clean" double, and tries for third thinking the throw is going home. The throw is cut-off and they get him out at third. Before the hit a runner left early. Guess what? The batter is out and ALL runners return. Because his out left bases empty, you put all runners back to their original bases. In that same play, if the out on the batter had been the third out, no runs would count due to the fact that they could have been put back if it had not been the third out. When a runner leaves early he remains guilty even if he returns before or after a hit. EXAMPLE: A runner on 2nd leaves early, then a fly ball is hit to right field. The runner retouches after the catch and heads for 3rd. The throw gets past F5 and the runner scores. RULING: You put the runner back on second. They love that call too!

How do you get an unassisted triple plays in Baseball?

On a hit and run play, runners on first and second, the batter hits a line drive to the second baseman, he makes the catch for the first out tags the first base runner for the second out and steps on second for the third out.

What is triple?

When a batter gets a hit and ends up at third base routinely

Should the batter swing when the baserunner is stealing?

if the batter can make contact then YES ... if the coach puts the hit and run on then YES ... if the runner is going to be gunned out then YES ... if the base runner is fast then NO ... if the coach tells you to lay off the pitch then NO ...Strategic food for thoughtGood points made above, however, something to think about when swinging when runner is stealing: PRO- holes open up as infielders are moving to cover the base(s) being stolen. CON- If you happen to "line-off" on the ball to an infielder, you will hit into an easy double or triple play ---- tigersy2k3

Who is better randy orton or hhh?

Randy Orton is better but triple h Have a laugh, Triple H would batter Randy Orton.

How many hits can you get in one half inning without scoring a run?

My son heard me read this question out loud and immediately piped up with six. Then he said five and went back to say six again. He is not 100% certain, but would love to hear from others on what they think is the correct answer. OK, Crystal. My pipes are warmed up and ready to go. The answer would be 6 and here is one scenario: First batter hits a triple and is thrown out at the plate trying for an inside the park home run. No runners on and one out. Second batter hits a triple and is thrown out at the plate trying for an inside the park home run. No runners on and two outs. Third batter hits a single. Runner on first and two outs. Fourth batter hits a single. Runners on first and second and two outs. Fifth batter hits a single. Bases loaded and two outs. Sixth batter hits a ball that strikes one of the runners. The runner is declared out and the batter is credited with a single. Six hits, no runs.

Three time runner up to Affirmed in 1978 Triple Crown?


What is a hit enabling the batter to safely reach third base baseball?

It's called a triple.