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Here is an interesting bit of history. The lighting of the torch for the Olympics was started by Hitler for his Olympics in 1936.

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Q: Does the Olympic torch stay lit?
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How long does the olympic torch stay lit?

13 mins

Where was the torch lit?

the olympic torch was lit in greece

How was the olympic torch lit?

the olympic torch was lit by the suns heat by going to it by aircraft rocket

Where in Greece is the Olympic torch lit?

in olympia, in greece that is where the olympic torch is lit

Who lit the Olympic torch?

Wayne Gretzki lit the torch in Vancouver

Where is the Olympic torch first lit?

the torch was first lit in Greece

Where was the Olympic torch first lit?

The Olympic torch was first lit in Olympia with a mirror focusing the beam of the sun onto the torch.

Who lit the first Olympic torch lit?


Who lit the torch in Vancouver?

Wayne Gretzy Lit The Olympic Torch IN Vancouver

Who lit the 2010 olympmic torch?

Wayne Gretsky lit the Olympic torch.

When was the first Olympic torch lit?

1302 the first torch was lit >:D

Does the olympic torch go out after every olympic games or does it stay lit til the next one and so on?

It is extinguished at the closing ceremony of each Olympic Games. The torch is initially lit, by the Sun's rays that are concentrated by a mirror, at a ceremony in Olympia, Greece several months in advance of an Olympics. The relay then takes the torch to the site of the Olympics where the cauldron is lit with it.

When is the olympic torch lit?


Where is the olympic torch lit?


Who lit the first olympic torch?


Where was the first olympic torch lit?

It was lit first in Olympia, Greece.

Where was first olympic torch lit?


Is the olympic torch lit in Greece?


When was the Olympic torch lit in Greece?

this summer

Where was the first olympict torch first lit?

For the modern Olympic games, the first Olympic torch was lit in 1936 in Berlin, Germany. Those was the first Summer Olympic games in history.

Why do they light the olympic torch?

The reason for the lighting of the Olympic Torch is to continue a Greek tradition. In ancient times, the torch was lit at the opening of every Olympic Games.

How long will the Olympic torch be lit?

Until the Olympic Games end.

Where and when is the Olympic torch lit?

at the location of the current olympic games and at the beginning

What time is the Olympic torch being lit?


Who lit the Olympic torch 2012?

david beckam