Where in Greece is the Olympic torch lit?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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in olympia, in Greece

that is where the olympic torch is lit

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Q: Where in Greece is the Olympic torch lit?
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Where was the torch lit?

the olympic torch was lit in greece

Where is the Olympic torch first lit?

the torch was first lit in Greece

Where is the olympic torch lit?


Where was first olympic torch lit?


Is the olympic torch lit in Greece?


When was the Olympic torch lit in Greece?

this summer

Where was the first olympic torch lit?

The Olympic torch was first lit in Olympia with a mirror focusing the beam of the sun onto the torch.

What country was the olympic torch first lit?


Where the first olympic torch first lit?

in Olympia, Greece

Where did the oylimpic torch travel from?

The flame of the Olympic torch always travels from Greece, where it is lit, to the host country.

Where is the first Olympic torch lit before the each game?

Athens in Greece

Is the olympic torch kept lit at night?

Yes, it is never allowed to go out once it has been lit in Greece!