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yes they do you can lose plenty of weight just by playing one sport

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Q: Does playing a sport keep us from being fat?
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Related questions

Why you playing sport?

To keep myself from getting fat

What are the side-affects of not playing sport?

You get REALLY fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Advantages of being sport?

dont get fat

Why school should keep sport?

Otherwise people will get fat

Do you really need fat in your diet?

Without fat, you will be too cold so yes, you have to include some sort of fat in your diet. Yes, you do need fat in your diet. Fat is the energy in your body that you need to have if you are playing some sport

What sport should you do to keep fit?

The sport that you should do are swimming, running, going to gym, tennis, football and loads to keep you fit and healthy. The reason why you should keep fit is because, if you dont do exercise you could get fat and it would be hard to do things.

What problems can you get from not playing sports?

being fat and rolling down stairs =)

What sport burns the most fat?

swimming and sprinting

How does image affect participation in sport?

it totally depends on what sport your playing. if its football, then the bigger (muscle or fat) you are, the more you play, in most cases. however, in soccer, if you are plump and round, then you will probably not get as much playing time as those who are well built or mildly thin.

What is the importance of nutrition in relation to sport and fitness?

Ensuring that you are eating the correct meals, vitamins and minerals each day will help you to keep your energy levels high and keep you motivated. Using supplements can be used for sport nutrition. Having protein supplements can help with muscle re-growth, fat burners will help burn fat. That's why there are so many different supplements available.

Can being lazy make you fat?

Yes it can.Being lazy and sitting around makes you fat,you need to exercise regularly to keep healthy. <---- All lies BEING LAZY DOESNT MAKE YOU FAT!

How do you uncover mr valentine on guilty party wii?

Continue playing story mode until you get back to the house/mansion. Keep finding clues and it ends up being Olivia Dickens the fat guys wife.

What is fat alberts favorite sport?

Fat Albert's favorite sport is Buck-Buck (Philly version of Johnny on the Pony).

How does being overweight effect your participation in sport?

because FAT people are ugly and STUPID! Search Dan Fletcher on Facebook for refernce into fat, ugly people. s

Can being overweight keep you from reproducing?

Seriously i am married and can't reproduce and being overweight doesnt always mean you are completely fat.

Why is fitness important in sport?

You will not be able to do the sport unless you are fit and not FAT!

Why is it important to keep your body fat minimum as a sports perfomer?

Any fat you have is more weight for your body to carry. Any muscle you have is helping you carry the fat. You definitely need to have some fat so prevent you from burning muscle, but the more fat you have, the harder it is to carry it around, making you more tired. In any sport, it is most beneficial to get less tired.

Can playing basketball help you lose body fat?

Yes, absolutely. Keep in mind that avoiding junk food is equally important.

How many schools have sport?

most schools have a sport that they are best at and all schools should do p.e which will include sport and if not you will get fat

Can being overweight keep you from getting pregnant?

No, The Amount of fat cells sorrounding the body dose not effect the overies.

Is dance a hobby or a sport?

It is most definatly a sport. You sweat and it burns alot of calories/fat. So yes, it is a sport.

Sports are better no sport because?

no sport=no entertainment and u will be fat if u don't excersise

Advantages and disadvantages of sport?

reduce fat

What sport can fat people do?

lacrosse goalie

Can you be fat and a gymnast?

Well yes but it will be very painful on your body and joints and you will tire very easily. But gymnastics is a very difficult and strength requiring sport. if you keep at it you will lose the extra weight