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no sport=no entertainment and u will be fat if u don't excersise

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Q: Sports are better no sport because?
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Who's better in sport Lebanon or Afghanistan?

Lebanon because they play more sports and they are more sporty

How are sports important with studies for a better career?

Sports as well as studies is better for a career because if you are good in sports you may choose a sport career or studies, you may choose a study career eg: teacher.

Is dance better than sports?

sport because dance mostly just gets you heart beat faster

What are types of sports are in the world?

all different types of sports are in the world depending on what country you come from certian countires are better at certian sports usally because the sport has originated in that country.

Why is the sport tubing better than the sport kayaking?

They both suck. They shouldn't be sports to begin with!!

What sports drink makes you play better while playing a sport?

Lucozade sport or energy.

What sports do you need great amount flexblity?

all sports...except baseball because that sport shouldn't be a sport

What is sports training?

Sports Training is where the players of a team train to get better at the sport or where they get stronger at their position

What is least likely to be advertised in a professional sports league?

The least sport that would be watch is cricket because you just have to run back and fort the best sport is baseball its more better then the other sport.

How has Fox Sports changed sports commenting in general?

Fox Sports have changed sport commenting in many different ways. The Fox Sports commentators have better sound and can commentate better with better skills at it.

How do we get better at sports when we practice?

as when we practise a sport our body becomes used to it and we play better

Why are sports team are named after birds-in football?

because football is better than than stupid soccer sport soccer is for losers