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Q: Does lifting weights stunt the growth of your penis?
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Will lifting weights stun your growth?

no lifting will not stunt your growth

Why does lifting weights stunt your growth?

Absolutely not.

Does lifting weights during puberty stunt your growth?


Will lifting weights stunt you're growth?

I heard one of my friends say squats and some-other stuff can stunt your growth but i looked it up and all the professionals say that's not true. Lifting weights does not stunt your growth.

Can lifting weights make you taller?

NO, lifting weight won't stunt ur growth

Does lifting weights at the age of 9 stunt your growth?

Yes and quite badly

Can lifting free weights and machines stunt your growth?

No, it's just a myth.

Does lifting weights make you shorter?

No, the worst thing that'll happen is it will stunt your growth.

You are 15 will lifting weights stunt your growth?

No, it does not stunt growth. The ends of the bone are still growing when young, and some people thought that if the bone was broken your growth would be stunted, but this is undocumented. Lifting is very beneficial at all ages.

Does lifting weights stunt your growth?

No it doesn't, it's just a myth from an small part of japan. Science proves that it doesnt actually stunt your growth and may even enhance your growth.

Lifting how many pounds would stunt a teenager's growth?

Weight Lifting Does Not Stunt Growth.

Does lifting weights stunt growth?

No, that's a myth. Weight training will not stunt your growth. However, that does not mean that it is advisable before the age of about 16. Then, lifting weights, when using correct form, should be beneficial. It is risky to do it any earlier unless one has expert coaching and supervision.

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