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No...a fielding error that allows the runner to get on base and that runner scores is not an earned run and does not count against earned run average.

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Q: Does fielding errors count against pitchers earned run average?
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What records are kept on baseball pitchers?

Earned run average(ERA), wins and losses, walks and strikeouts.

What is a good high school pitchers earned run average?

Anything under 3 or 4 is terrific

When the only run scored is unearned who gets the loss?

A pitcher can get a loss no matter if the runs are earned or not. This statistic is tracked for the purpose of calculating a pitchers ERA or earned run average it really has nothing to do with a pitchers win loss record.

What is an era in baseball?

ERA is known as earned run average, a stat used for pitchers. The lower the number, the better he is.

ERA stands for?

ERA means Earned Run Average. It is a statistic used for pitchers to calculate how many earned runs the pitcher allows on average over 9 innings (27 outs) pitched

What is a hurler in baseball what does ERA stand for?

A hurler is a slang term for a pitcher in baseball. ERA stands for Earned Run Average and is a statistic for pitchers that shows the number of 'earned' runs a pitcher allows for every nine innings. An earned run is a run that is scored without the help of an error or passed ball. One might think that the earned run average of a pitcher is similar to that of the batting average of a hitter.

How does a Passed ball effect a pitchers era?

it does not as any runs scoring as a result of a passed ball are unearned and so do not count towards the pitcher earned run average

What would a pitchers earned run average be if they gave up 4 runs and they pitched 8 innings?

Supposing that all four runs were earned runs and it is a nine inning game, the ERA is 4.5... Earned runs divided by innings pitched multiplied by the the total innings of a standard game (4/8 * 9 = 4.5)

What was Whitey Ford's position?

Whitey Ford was one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Among pitchers with at least 300 career decisions, Ford ranks first with a winning percentage of .690, the all-time highest percentage in modern baseball history. Ford's 2.75 earned run average is the lowest among starting pitchers whose careers began after the advent of the Live Ball era in 1920.

What does Earned Run Average mean as in baseball?

It is a measure to judge how effective a pitcher is. It calculated by taking the total earned runs a pitcher has allowed and dividing by (total #of innings pitched/9). Giving you an average number of runs a pitcher allows (earned runs) every 9 innings

What is the lowest single season Earned Run Average ever?

In MLB, for pitchers that threw at least 162 innings in a season, that would be Dutch Leonard who had an ERA of 0.96 for the Boston Red Sox in the 1914 season. Leonard pitched 224 2/3 innings and gave up 24 earned runs. For pitchers that threw at least 100 innings in a season it is Tim Keefe who had an ERA of 0.86 for the Troy Trojans in 1880. Keefe pitched 105 innings and gave up 10 earned runs.

What does Triple Crown mean in Major League Baseball?

The Triple Crown is awarded to a Major League Baseball player who is ranked first in three major categories. For hitters it is batting average, home runs and runs batted in. For pitchers it is earned run average, wins and strikeouts.