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No, Compressed air lasts much less than a comparably sized C02 tank. This is because CO2 is stored in liquid form, which is much more dense and takes up less space.

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Q: Does compressed air last longer in paintball?
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Who invented the compressed air tank for paint ball?

Compressed air tanks were around long before paintball.

What propels a paintball?

A compressed C02 tank or High Pressure Air tank propels the paintball.

For a paintball rifle is CO2 better than compressed air?

No compressed air would be better for accuracy as well as your gun. Its like co2 but at a higher pressure with cleaner air and no liquid that can damage your paintball marker.

On paintball guns What do the CO2 Systems do and why do you need them?

On a paintball gun C02, or High pressure air is necessary. It is compressed air that, when the trigger is pulled and the marker fires, propels the paintball out of the barrel.

Is a paintball gun a pneumatic device?

Yes. Paintball guns are definitely pneumatic. They run on compressed gas, Co2/Compressed air, and use the release of that gas to power the mechanics inside and propel the paintball forward toward a target.Information provided by Bullit Paintball teamcaptian: Nolan M.

Does Davis paintball in CA have a co2 filling station for the all day compressed air?

Yes, it does.

Do all paintball guns have the same tank?

if u mean the tank that you put your shoulder against and what powers it. no u can get co2 or compressed air (compressed air is better for your gun)

Is a compressed air paintball gun the same as a CO2 paintball gun?

Yes. High pressure Air tanks (HPA) is compressed air, which is mostly Nitrogen. "Nitro" is not what HPA they are called, unless you are talking about Nitrous oxide, which is used in anesthetics and motor racing.

Will the dangerous power g3 paintball marker accept compressed air?

Yes! in fact, it will not work on CO2 at all.

Why do you need CO2 tank for paintball?

If you meant "why do you need any gas tank for Paintball": the expanding c02 or hpa is what pushes the ball out of the barrel at high speeds and can be used in reseting the gun. If you meant "why you need a C02 tank specifically": you dont need a co2 tank to play paintball. their is compresed air tankes available. most electrical guns must run on air enless you want to be doing maintenance on the gun after every game and replace parts after 5 games. most non electrical guns also can be ran on air but is capable of runing on co2 but air would keep your gun in better condition. You need co2 or compressed air(nitrogen and compressed air are the same thing) so the paintball can fly out of the barrel and to re cock your gun automatically.

Would a scuba divers tank filled with compressed air last longer than normal pressure air?

It definitely would. Also, a tank filled with non-compressed air would be nearly impossible to use because air wouldn't flow out of it without an enormous amount of effort. For these reasons, all tanks used by divers are filled with compressed air.

What is the difference between compressed air and n2 in paintball?

"Air", "Compressed air", "High Pressure air", "nitrogen", "N2" and "Nitro" are all the same gas, these are just different nicknames for it. The correct term is High Pressure Air, or HPA. Since air is mostly Nitrogen, it is given other names. The Air also contains CO2, but in paintball Co2 is separated pure liquid Carbon-dioxide, which is incompatible with HPA tanks and guns.