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No, Compressed air lasts much less than a comparably sized C02 tank. This is because CO2 is stored in liquid form, which is much more dense and takes up less space.

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2010-06-24 12:27:56
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Q: Does compressed air last longer in paintball?
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How does Compressed Air power paintball guns?

The compressed air buildes up pressure in the tank and when you pull the trigger a valve opens up and forces the paintball out the barrel.

Who invented the compressed air tank for paint ball?

Compressed air tanks were around long before paintball.

What propels a paintball?

A compressed C02 tank or High Pressure Air tank propels the paintball.

Does a spyder imagine paintball work with compressed air?

Yes it will

Which is the best paintball air tank?

Carbon fiber Compressed air tank.

Do you need co2 for paintball guns?

You need either Co2 or Compressed air for a paintball gun to function. Every gun can run on compressed air, but only some can run on Co2.

Is a compressed air paintball gun the same as a CO2 paintball gun?

All guns can handle compressed air, but not all guns use co2. Check your owners manual for details.

For a paintball rifle is CO2 better than compressed air?

No compressed air would be better for accuracy as well as your gun. Its like co2 but at a higher pressure with cleaner air and no liquid that can damage your paintball marker.

Can compressed air tanks fit on all paintball guns?

why ask me

On paintball guns What do the CO2 Systems do and why do you need them?

On a paintball gun C02, or High pressure air is necessary. It is compressed air that, when the trigger is pulled and the marker fires, propels the paintball out of the barrel.

Can convicted felons have paintball guns in Virginia?

Paintball guns, powered by compressed air, are not firearms, and therefore they may be possessed.

What is Nitro on paintball guns?

nitro is short for Nitrogen, or Compressed air. It is highly pressurized air that is used to propel a paintball, instead of Carbon Dioxide, or CO2.

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