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The sizes 9 oz and all the way up to 20 oz can be used for paintball gun. Some of the paintball guns are supposed to be used by the larger tanks. So the size of tank depends on your paintball gun.

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Q: What size compressed air tank is needed for a paintball gun?
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What propels a paintball?

A compressed C02 tank or High Pressure Air tank propels the paintball.

Which is the best paintball air tank?

Carbon fiber Compressed air tank.

How does Compressed Air power paintball guns?

The compressed air buildes up pressure in the tank and when you pull the trigger a valve opens up and forces the paintball out the barrel.

Who invented the compressed air tank for paint ball?

Compressed air tanks were around long before paintball.

Can a paintball CO2 tank run on compressed air?

No, do not try to fill a CO2 canister with HPA.

Can you fill a compressed air paintball tank with a conpressor?

If you have a 4500 or 3000 PSI compressor then yes.

Do all paintball guns have the same tank?

if u mean the tank that you put your shoulder against and what powers it. no u can get co2 or compressed air (compressed air is better for your gun)

Is there a paintball gun that doesn't need a tank?

No, that would be impossible because the air has to compressed to force the ball out of the barrel.

What exactly do you fill a paintball HPA tank with?

HPA means high pressure air, so it basically means everything you breath in compressed into a tank

Can you fill a hpa paintball tank with compressed 02 from a welding tank?

NO! Hpa is compressed air, which is mostly N2. Filling a tank with pure oxygen has a large chance of combustion, which under such great pressures will cause death or serious injury.

Can you hook up a tank on your paintball gun that is bigger than your 9oz tank?

Yes, you can use any size tank

Can a twenty ounce carbon dioxide paintball gun tank shoot with compressed air?

NO the gases are different densities and the tanks are specifically made for that gas pressure. If you can afford a gun that needs compressed air then you can afford the tank too.