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Yes, it does.

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Q: Does Davis paintball in CA have a co2 filling station for the all day compressed air?
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When was Davis - Amtrak station - created?

Davis - Amtrak station - was created in 1868.

Where is the Davis weather station located?

You can buy a Davis weather station online from many retailers, but there is no set location for a Davis weather station. The Davis company which manufacturers the weather stations is located in San Francisco, CA.

Davis station was named after Davis who?

According to Wikipedia, Davis Station is so named "... to honour Captain John King Davis, a famous Antarctic navigator and captain..."

What country administers the Davis Antarctic research station?

The Davis Antarctic Research Station in supported by the government of Australia.

When is Davis station in Antarctica open?

Davis Station is the busiest of the Australian research stations on Antarctica, and is occupied and in service all year.

What county is Davis station sc in?

Clarendon County

What are facts about the Davis station?

that it is very very huge

What are the names of three bases that Australia supports in Antarctica?

The names you want are Davis Station, Mawson Station and Casey Station.

What actors and actresses appeared in Station X - 2005?

The cast of Station X - 2005 includes: Joe Cobden as Slate Lucinda Davis as Davis Gianpaolo Venuta as Knob

Names of Antarctic bases?

The United States supports three research stations, all of which are permanent. They are McMurdo Station, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and Palmer Station. Other summer and temporary stations appear seasonally.

What are the names of the permanent Australian stations in Antarctica?

Australia supports research stations on Antarctica named Casey station, Davis station, Macquarie island station and Mawson station.

Why is the Davis station special?

because it is found for there great wildlife service!!