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No it goes down as a fielders choice.

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Q: Does beating out a double play count as a hit?
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Does a block count as one of your three hits in volleyball?

No, a block does not count as one of your three hits. You are allowed to block, then drop down and bump the ball and it doesn't count as a double hit, and your bump counts as your first hit.

Does a home run count as a hit?

Yes. A home run is a base hit just like a single or double or triple is.

Does it count as a hit if you get thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double?

Yes. If you reach base safely from a base hit you are credited with a hit regardless of whether you are thrown out attempting to stretch it.

Does a run count if there are men on first and third with one out then a fly ball is hit to left field the man on third tags man on first leaves early and the ball is thrown to first for a double play?

yes the run will count because the guy on first is the only one that left early.

Who has not hit into a double play for full season?

Craig Biggio

How do you make a double play?

you can make a double play if there is a person on 2 base and the batter hit a pop fly or grounder the infielder throws it to 2 base then 2 bade throws it to 1 base to make a double play


getting hit with a hot pvc

Does a player get an rbi for a routine ground out?

Even if the player does not get a hit in his at bat, a run scored when he puts the ball in play will count as a run batted in. An RBI will still be given on an error provided that the potential put out would not have been the third out of the inning. A run scoring on a double play does not qualify as an RBI, however.

Does a walk count as a hit in slow pitch softball?

No a walk does not count as a hit nor does it count as an at bat.

If you hit into a force out does it count as a hit?

No, a force does not count as a hit and the batter's average will go down.

If a baseball player hits a line drive and tries for a double and gets tagged out does it count as a hit?

Yes, it would be scored as a single.

Does HBP count as a hit?

No, a hit by pitch does not count as a hit nor as a time at bat. There is a special statistic kept for hit by pitch.

Does a fielder's choice count as an out?

I AM A COLLEGE BASEBALL PLAYER ALL INFORMATION HERE IS 100% TRUE. A fielders choice does not count as a hit for the batter even though the batter reaches base safely. It counts as an out for the hitters batting average but RBI's, runs scored, stolen bases and any other effects of the batter reaching base safely count. In essence a fielders choice counts as an out because the fielder could have chose to get the batter out or another runner which means there was an out on the play. Also, you cannot assume a double play even if the ball hit was the easiest 4-6-3 which the fielders made an error on.

Does a sacrifice bunt count as an at bat?

No, a successful sacrifice bunt does not count as an at bat. If the bunt is unsuccessful, the batter is charged with an at bat. Similarly, if the batter beats out the play and is awarded a hit, an at bat is counted. Sacrifice flies, walks, and getting hit by pitch also do not count as at bats. All of these are recorded as Plate Appearances.

What is a double out in baseball?

A double out or double play is when there are 2 outs made in one play. It can only happen if there is at least one runner on base before the ball is hit. During the play either 2 runners are called out, or the hitter and one runner is called out. There are many different ways to do this.

Is a doble hit illegal in beach volleyball?

Double touch is illegal unless the player touching the ball blocked it. Blocks don't count as a touch.

Does an RBI count as a hit even if you get out?

It does not count as a hit but it doesn't count against you either. When a sacrifice is scored it doesn't show up in the hits or outs.

Does a walk count as a hit in baseball?

No. A walk does not count as a base hit nor an official time at bat.

Is an RBI count as a hit?

yes it is a hit

Does block count as hit in sand volleyball?

Whoever answered this initially was wrong. In indoor volleyball a block does not count as a contact, but in outdoor beach volleyball it DOES count as a contact. This is one of the only incidences in which indoor and outdoor volleyball differ in rules (the only other major difference being that players can cross under the net as long as they aren't interfering with the other teams play). The person blocking is still allowed to hit the ball afterwards for the teams second contact however without it counting as a double hit. I got this from the rules and regulations listed in the FIVB website, which is the international federation for volleyball so it's a rather credible source.

What does beating mean?

"Beating" is the present tense of "beat", to win against someone, to strike or hit them, or to strike something, such as a drum.

Does a sacrifice count as a hit?

No, a sacrifice does not count as a hit nor as a time at bat. There is a special statistic kept for sacrifices.

Does a walk count as a hit in softball?

No it doesn't count as an at bat.

What are baseball double-play combos and how do they work?

The term 'double play combo' refers to the second baseman and the shortstop. The law of averages says that most balls hit in the infield are going to be hit to either the shortstop or the second baseman since they are playing towards the middle of the field. So most of the double plays a team makes are with the second baseman, shortstop, and first baseman.

What happens if you double hit in badminton?

Then it's a fowl. Unless the other team hits it, then the ball is still in play.