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No, their e-grip setup is slightly different and will not fit. Also the Alpha black's egrip upgrade is 30 dollars less.

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Q: Does a tippmann 98 customs egrip work with alpha blacks?
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Will a tippmann alpha black egrip work with a carver one?

No, it is slightly different shaped.

What egrip will work on a Carver one?

The tippmann 98 egrip.

What e-grip do you buy for a US Army Carver One?

The tippmann 98 egrip

What is the difference between the US Army Alpha Black and Alpha Black with egrip?

The standard alpha black is semi auto mechanical. The egrip is electrically assisted with full auto and burst.

Do you have to upgrade a egrip on a alpha black to make it shoot 23 bps?


Can your salvo get installed a egrip?

Yes, it uses the US Army (alpha black) e-grip.

Is there a fully auto paintball without egrip?

yep, the a5 and x7 and 98 tippmann response trigger, it runs off air and can shoot full auto.

Do you need an egrip for your tippmann 98 custom before installing a rampage board?

yes, the rampage board simply replaces the stock board that comes with the e-grip

How to get a Tippmann a- 5 e-grip to work with a expansion chamber?

Just install the Egrip and the expansion chamber. Is what you can't do, the egrip frame comes too close to the tombstone to allow for an expansion chamber to fit, I'm trying to find a solution, did anyone find one yet?

Can the us army alpha egrip paintball gun shoot rapid fire?

Yes it can. One of the many features that come with the egrip are multiple modes. Not only is full auto in it, but so is semi, and three shot burst.

Tippmann X-7 Paintball Marker vs Tippmann A-5 Marker with E-Grip?

the stock tippmann X7 is literally the A5 with a different body, basically more plastic, and without the electric trigger. the X7 phenom is better than the A5 w/ egrip however because of its spool valve design and its ability to run full and burst on battery and semi without batteries.

Should you get a alpha black tactical with egrip paintball gun?

98Shooter: I wouldn't recommend anything from the US Army series. Some of Tippmann's less desirable work, though they look cool the distance isn't near other guns. My 98 Custom outdistances it 6/10. If you are looking for woodsball i wouldn't recommend it, and i don't play speedball so i couldn't tell you for that.

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