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At some point a ball must hit the ground in fair territory in order to be considered "fair." If a fly ball starts its flight well within fair range, but curves into the foul area such that it lands in foul territory, it is foul.

If a ball goes out of the infield, lands in fair territory, but then richochets or rolls foul, then it remains a fair ball.

If a ball rolls in fair ground but goes foul before it leaves the infield, then it is a foul ball.

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Q: Does a baseball have to land in fair territory to be fair?
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A ball that does not land in fair territory is called a?


Is a baseball considered fair if the defensive player touches the ball while he is in fair territory while the ball is in foul territory?

The location of the baseball decides if the ball is fair or foul. If the ball is in foul territory, the ball is foul regardless of the position of the player touching the ball. The same applies for balls in fair territory. This is opposite the ruling in football.

If a fly ball is hit and passed first base between first and second in fair territory but spins through the air and eventually lands in foul territory is it considered foul?

the ball has to land in fair territory to be considered fair.

What is the field of play in baseball called?

The "Field of Play" in baseball is known as "Fair Territory." There is also an area known as "Foul Territory" where certain plays, such as catching a pop fly, is an out identical to a fly ball caught in fair territory.

In baseball if a batted ball hits homeplate and lands fair is it a fair ball?

Yes, home plate is considered to be in fair territory.

If a baseball player touches a ball in foul territory but doesn't catch it is it foul or fair?

it is a foul ball as long as someone in fair territory didnt touch it first

What is a Homer?

It is when a batter hits the baseball over the fence in the outfield in fair territory.

In baseball why is it called a foul pole if it is in fair territory?

good question. i have no clue

In baseball if the ball is popped up in foul territory but is not past first base and you go and try to catch it and then drop it is it a fair ball?

no the only way it can be a fair ball is if you go to try to catch it in foul territory and then you drop it and it drops into fair territory

What is considered fair territory baseball?

anywhere within the 90 degree foul lines

Is Home Base Itself in Fair Territory or Foul Territory?

home plate is fair territory

If a Batter hits a baseball and it bounces off home plate and then rolls into fair territory is it foul?

It would be considered a fair ball.

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