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Beacuse a softball is harder, so a Baseball is bouncier, and thus it goes farther.

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Q: Does a baseball go further then a softball when hit?
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Does a baseball or a softball goes further if you hit it from the same distance?

no, thethe gravity of a baseball is bigger than a softball's. so baseball has more friction than softball. hence, if you hit both of them from the same speed ,baseball will go further than softball.

Does a baseball go further than a softball when hit by a metal bat?

When hitting a softball you can hear the tink off of the bat. When you hit a baseball you hear kind of a slap and therefore when you hit a baseball goes farther.

Does a softball or a baseball go further?

baseball goes wayyyyyyy farther

Which can go the farthest hit with a bat a baseball or softball?


Does a baseball go farther when hit by a softball bat?


Why do softballs go further than baseballs?

A softball will go no where close to as far as a baseball will go.

Where did softball come from?

Softball is a variant of baseball. All the rules are essentially the same, however, the ball is bigger in softball and therefore easier to hit and doesn't go as far when hit.

Is a softball really harder than a baseball?

No they are about the same. Except for the fact that the ball is bigger in softball and easier to hit but it won't go as far.

Which will go further a softball or a hardball?

A hardball

Does a baseball go further when hit by a wood plastic or medal bat?

I think metal.

If you hit a baseball or tennis ball will go further?

That depends what you are hitting them with, and how hard you are hitting them. If you hit a baseball with a baseball bat and a tennis ball with a baseball bat as hard as you can, the tennis ball would go farther. The tennis ball would go farther in most circumstances if you hit each with the same object and with the same force.

What is a hypothsis for the question what goes farther a baseball or a softball?

My hypothesis is that the baseball will indeed go farther. To explain why well because it is smaller so it will gain more speed. While a softball is big it will not gain as much speed but could be hit far as well. thank you.

Which will go further a 44 or 50 core softball?

50 core

Will a NCAA baseball go further then a little league baseball if hit by the same person?

NO there the same ball but you would have to swing at the same speed and hit it on the same part of the bat

Why will a baseball go farther then a softball when you throw it?

An object with less mass will have a greater speed when the same amount of energy is expended into it. Thus, a baseball will be going much faster than a softball at the time it is thrown. For the same angle of launch, an object will go further when it has a higher velocity (a fairly trivial and simple fact). Additionally, an object with greater surface area is slowed much quicker than one with less surface area. The baseball experiences less drag at the same speed than the softabll; while it is travelling faster and experiences greater drag as a result, it will also go further before being remotely near to the speed of the softball.

What do you do when you get hit by a fastpitch softball?

Go to first base.

Why is the force different between the difference that are hit between a baseball and a softball?

The surface of a softball is larger so it does not go as fast as a small basseball. Though the batter and pitcher(s) determine a lot of the force. -Marina20

Will a baseball go farther than a tennis ball?

if you were to hit both with a baseball bat, and you used the same force for each, the tennis ball would go further

How does weather affect a baseball?

Weather affects baseball because if there is very high pressure a baseball hit with the same amount of force with low pressure WILL go further. A 400 foot hit in low pressure will go 402 feet i hig pressure.

Does a baseball go further hit with metal or wood?

I just did a Science update on baseball in my labratory.I am a professional Scientist and my studies have shown that a metal bat hits farther.

Will a softball go farther when hit with a composite bat or wooden bat?


Can both boys and girls play softball?

Not many boys play softball but it is not illegal. im 11 and i almost pitch bbetter softball than baseball. ( i play baseball). so if i could find a league that guys play softball, i would go there definitly. the reason most girls play softball because back ago, girls were not allowed to play baseball so they created softball. it was just a sexus thing to do.

Is softball a girlie sport?

no not at all! if you play baseball if you don`t go into major leagues then usually the men will play softball.

Is soft ball hard?

Softball is just like baseball, I know this because I play softball as a club which means I go all over the world without switching teammates to play, so, you can get hit, pushed down, and sometimes break something.

Is bat speed or bat weight more important in sixteen inch softball?

its the weight of the bat the heavier the bat the further the ball will go the same in fast pitch softball