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Q: Do you need to blow the whistle for a corner kick to be taken?
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Can a referee blow halftime in soccer when a team is taking a corner?

The referee blows the whistle when the time is over. The referee decides when time is over. This can be before a corner kick or even once a corner kick is in the air. Generally if a team is hurrying to get the corner off,

Does the ref have to blow the whistle before an indirect kick?

No, the ref can decide whether to stop play and blow the whistle or he can just let the team kicking put the ball in play right away.

What does corner mean in a game of football?

When the ball goes out of play over the backline and was last touched by a defender, the attacking team receives a 'corner kick', where the ball is placed within a yard of the corner post and then taken as a free kick. 'Corner' is short for 'corner kick'.

When is a corner kick taken by offense?

A corner kick is awarded when the ball completely exits the field across the goal line and was last touched by a defender.

Why can attacking players not be offside at a penalty kick?

Proper placement of players for the kick dictates that a player may not be ahead of the ball. If they are, the referee will not blow the whistle to start play.

Would a corner kick be taken if the goalkeeper deflects a penalty kick over the crossbar?

yes, since the goal keeper is the defender, and he/she touched it last, it is a corner.

What kind of kick is taken when the defense sends the ball over the endline or goal?


When is a corner kick used in soccer?

When a opponent side last touches the ball and it goes over line the defending side .Then a corner kick is taken, the ball must be in the circle.

What are the ways of corner kick offsides?

You cannot be offside from a corner kick

What do you do if a corner kick is about to be taken Before the kick is taken a defender pushes an attacking player in the penalty area?

There is usually a bit of jostling during the set up for a corner kick, but if it's a bit too rough, the referee can verbally warn the players. If there is a blatant shove that the referee deems is a foul, the referee should blow his whistle and either caution (yellow card) the offending player or, if it is serious enough and violent enough, send off (red card) the offending player. (Naturally if it's a second caution, a send off will be issued.) After that issue is dealt with, the corner kick will be taken. The ball was not in play at the time of the foul. It will be put back in play the way it was going to be before the violation of the Laws took place. The violation of Law 12, the pushing, was dealt with in a manner consistent with the opinion of the referee. The corner is taken. Law 9 dealing with the ball being in or out of play (it was out of play) subordinates Law 12 as far as what happens regarding the resumption of play in this situation.

What is the difference between a soccer corner kick and a soccer goal kick?

A goal kick is awarded to the defending team when the ball goes out of the field of play by crossing, either on the ground or in the air, the goal line, without a goal being scored, when the last person to touch the ball was from the attacking team. If the last person to touch the ball was a member of the defending side, a corner kick is instead awarded to the attackers. A corner kick is taken from whichever corner is closer to the place where the ball crossed the goal line. A goal kick is taken from anywhere in the 6-yard box.

What is flag kick in football?

A corner kick.

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