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yes, since the goal keeper is the defender, and he/she touched it last, it is a corner.

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Q: Would a corner kick be taken if the goalkeeper deflects a penalty kick over the crossbar?
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Thirty words to do with soccer?

Ball, kick, penalty, crossbar, post, free kick, corner, throw in, referee, defender, goalkeeper, boots, grass, linesman, coach, midfielder, winger, striker, whistle, cards, physio, substitution, injury time, goal, offside, flag, tackle, sent off, half time and players.

In Field Hockey - What is a penalty corner?

A penalty corner is called when there is a foul in the circle.

Can a goalkeeper take a kick in the corner?

A goal keeper may take a corner kick.

What is a short corner in field hockey?

it is another name for a penalty corner. it occurs when a penalty happens inside the shooting D

What is the purpose of the 25 yard line in field hockey?

The "23 metre" line (actually 22.90 metres overall) defines the defensive zone in field hockey. It is the line at which a fully-padded goalkeeper may not take part in play, and the limit at which a severe penalty can be awarded a penalty corner.

When the whole ball crosses over the goal line and between the goal post?

If it does so above the crossbar and the last player to touch it was an attacker, then it's a goal kick. If it does so above the crossbar and the last player to touch it was a defender, then it's a corner kick. If it does so below the crossbar and it came directly from the defender's goal kick, corner kick, kickoff, or throw-in, it will be no-goal and a corner kick for the attackers If it does so below the crossbar and none of the above apply, a goal should be awarded and the restart is a kick-off for the defenders.

How do you get your goalkeeper up field when a corner fifa 12 wii?

By using the RT or player change button you can bring your goalkeeper up while dealing with the corner. This trick helps alot in preventing the goals.

In hockey what happens if the ball is hit over the backline by a defender?

If it is deliberately hit over the backline by a defender, a penalty corner should be awarded. This does not include a goalkeeper making a save or clearing the ball to prevent a goal. If it is accidental or is clearly an attempt to hit the ball to the sideline, it will be a long corner.

Can you switch goalkeepers before a penalty kick?

You can change your goalkeeper at any time the ball is out of play, just like any other substitution. Before a penalty kick, the ball is out of play, and so a change or substitution can be made. However, once the kick is taken, if the ball remains in play (such as a successful save or a rebound from the goalpost or crossbar), then the new goalkeeper must remain the goalkeeper until the next time the ball is out of play. Some youth leagues and competitions only allow substitutions when the subbing team has control of an out-of-play ball, or when both teams with to substitute at the same time. For example, if the Blue team wants to sub, they can only do so when Blue has the throw-in, free kick, goal kick, corner kick, or penalty kick. In this case, the other team could not change goalkeepers because substitution wouldn't be allowed, unless the other team wants to make a substitution, then Blue would be allowed to make the change. Remember that, as with pretty much everything else in the game, the goalkeeper has a right to change positions, but only with the referee's permission.

What happens when the ball or puck is lodged in the goalkeeper's pads in hockey?

Field hockeyIf the ball becomes lodged in the goalkeeper's pads, a penalty corner is normally awarded. However, like all offences, if no player is attempting to play the ball and the keeper can remove it, play should be allowed to continue. Ice hockeyIf the puck becomes lodged in a goalkeeper's pads, the whistle is blown and play is ended. A faceoff is then done in the nearest faceoff circle.

Which five defenders stay in the goal in a field hockey penalty corner?

The goalkeeper (if there is one) is required to be a defender at the penalty corner. The fullbacks (normally two, sometimes three) will remain with them. The remaining places are usually taken by the halves, though rarely a forward may need to in case of tiredness, injury or suspension (as new players cannot be brought on by rule). It should be noted that the defenders are not required to be in the goal at the penalty corner; they may in fact be anywhere behind the backline and without five metres from the ball. However there is a tactical advantage in keeping all defenders in the goal at the beginning of the play.

How do you shoot a soccer ball on a Penalty Kick?

You should keep the ball still and kick it with a intention of putting it in a corner of the net, the tip of the foot should be used, and not the top as it will go up then. You should decieve the goalkeeper by looking the wrong side you want to kick.

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