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yes special boots are required.

they differ from ski boots as they are not made from the rigid plastic but from a more flexible setup. The costs are often from £100 (gbp) and up.

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Q: Do you need special boots to snowboard?
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Do you need snowboard boots?


Can you ride on a snowboard without wearing snowboarding boots?

no you need snowboard boots to fit into the bindings. it is like ski boots that fit into your skis.

How many pieces of equipment do you need to snowboard?

Three. Snowboard, bindings, and boots.

Where can you get boots for a Lamar SE 151 snowboard?

You don't have to get special boots just for the snowboard, unless it is a step in bindings and you would have to know the kind of bindings but, you can practically use any boots that fit in to the bindings, you just gota make sure that they fit you first lol.

Where can one purchase Burton snowboard boots?

REI has an offering of select snowboard boots by Burton available for purchase in store and online. These snowboard boots are made available for kids, as well as adults.

Can you put union snowboard bindings on a Burton snowboard?

Yes, but you need a special base plate.

Are ski boots or snowboard boots more comfortable?

Snowboarding boots. By far

What equipment do you need for snow boarding?

to snowboard safely you will need the following: - Snowboard - Bindings - Snowboarding boots - Helmet - Goggles - Snow pants, coat, hat, gloves ect.

What do you need to snowboard?

YOu need bindings, a board, snow, boots, and gear. I also recommend a helmet and some pants

From where could one purchase women's snowboard boots?

There are several online websites where one could purchase women's snowboard boots. REI, Overstock, Evo, The House Boardshop and Moosejaw are online sources where women's snowboard boots are for sale.

Are there Ski boots with laces?

No, Because Ski boots need to be super stiff to be able to ski straight and carve, and laces wouldn't be tight enough. If you need laces, snowboard.

What kind of equipment do you use for snowboarding?

A snowboard, and perhaps snowboard boots.You can get snowboards with buckles for normal shoes/boots, and you can get snowboards with click thingies, that you click snowboard boot into.Answer:You need a lot of equipment for snowboarding. Here is the equipment that is necessary: A snowboard, Snowboard boots, helmet (optional), goggles, gloves, and bindings. You need your equipment to be fitted properly or you can get badly hurt or not perform at your 110% top.A snowboard of course, gloves so your hands don't get cold, and goggles so nothing flys in your eyes.