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Q: Do you need muscular endurance in sport?
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What sport is dependent on muscular endurance?

Downhill Skiing

Which sport is least dependent on muscular endurance?


Why would jogging need cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance?

why would jogging need cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance?

What is a an example of a sport which focuses on muscular endurance?

Wrestling is a great example of an organized sport that has a lot of muscular endurance. A few of my friends that wrestle say that it is one of the most difficult, endurance requiring sports they have experienced.

Why is muscular endurance need in basketball?

if someones barges into them, it wouldn't really hurt them. that why they use Muscular endurance.

Why is muscular endurance important in any sport?

Muscular endurance is very important for people playing sports and who have to sustain an activity for long periods of time. Muscular endurance is determined by how well your slow twitch muscle fibers are developed.

What does a footballer need with power?

muscular endurance

Do you need muscular endurance in basketball?


How are muscular endurance and muscular strength related?

muscular endurance and muscular strength are related because you need muscular strength in order to have muscular strength. also, they both require muscles to be used

Why do gymnasts need muscular endurance?

They need muscular endurance because they need to be able to hold there body weight on the beams, bars and other stuff to do with gymnastics

What fitness components you need for baseball?

Muscular endurance

Why do you need muscular endurance for rounders?

because you need speed to get a rounder

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