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I am a AAA hockey player, they do not require us to wear hockey shorts, but hockey pants are a neccesity.

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Q: Do you need hockey pants and hockey shorts?
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Are shorts the same as pants?

YES! pants and shorts are the same thing! for sure!

What are hockey pants called by hockey players?

Pants. Im a hockey player.

What is the homophone for shirts pants hats and shorts?

The Homophone for shirts,pants,hats and shorts are clothes

What are the main uses for shorts?

they're just a "shorter" version of pants. Pants you wear in the winter and shorts in the summer. That' all there is to it.

Which pajama is more practical - with shorts or with pants?

the pants are better for lounging and staying warmer,shorts are practical in teh summer

Why is Ron Artest the short pants on?

wouldn't short pants be shorts?

Where did the term Shorts come from?

When pants were raised above the knees, they were known as "short pants". As usage increased people started referring to them as shorts.

Do I need special shorts to do karate?

There is no reason to purchase special shorts for karate since they use pants, if you are looking for martial arts then there are several shorts that you can purchase through everlast that are great and offers wonderful ventatition.

What do you need to be in hockey?

Helmet,Gloves,Shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin gaurds, skates, stick, puck, jersey, and hockey socks For field hockey you only need shinguards, mouthguard, a stick and a uniform, unless you want to be a goalie.

How do you get invisible pants in Skate 3?

If you want invisible legs on skate 3 you need to follow these instructions. 1. Put on any shorts 2. Import one of your friends that has any pants on 3. Go to edit skater and change those pants to any shorts Then you shall have invisible legs!

Do soccer teams wear only shorts or only pants?

you wear pant and shorts.

In hockey can you put pant shells on regular hockey pants or do you have to have certain pants?

Shells are cosmetic covers for your existing hockey pants. They are typically used by teams that want to have a consistent look to their uniforms when player have a wide variety of styles and colors of their own pants. They have no padding of their own. The shell is simply pulled on (or left on) over the top of your regular hockey pants. They will have a belt which can be cinched at the waist to keep the pants up. The shell will not cover the kidney protectors on the top of the pants that rise above the waist, but these are covered by the hockey sweater anyway.