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No you have to be good for a professional coach to find you a professional coach also might even find you if you've been on the JV team or varsity team or if you got into college on a scholar for your soccer skills! :)

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Q: Do you have to play soccer in college for a professional soccer coach to find you?
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Where do you find a private soccer coach?

On google

How do I find the league standings for U13 soccer boys NorCal?

To find the league standing for U13 (under 13 years of age) for boys soccer contact the coach for the standings. If the coach doesnÍt know then the leagues office should know the standings.

How much money does a soccer coach earn?

ANSWER 1: could you be more specific? in the US, soccer coaches still struggling compared to the rest of the word as far as money goes. however, every where else si the big bucks. soccer coaches and players in Europe make way more that football coaches and players in the US. I hope this helps until you provide more specific information about your question. REPLY: this has nothing to do with my ?. just tell me what soccer coaches make yearly on average. -OP ANSWER 2: Actually, the first person who answered is correct: to you need to be more specific with you question. What type of soccer do you mean? A college soccer coach? A professional soccer coach? High school? etc. Additioanlly, what level do you mean: DI, DII, DIII? Perhaps with a more specific question, somebody can actually help you find an answer to the question.

How much do soccer lessons cost?

Instead Of Paying For Soccer Lessons Why Dont You Just Find One Of Your Friends That Can Play Very Good Or Will Teach You Or Find A Coach On A Soccer Team And Get Better And Better Each Time You Play.I Play Soccer My Self.

What do you have to do to get in a professional soccer team?

Skills and passion:) that way someone wil find you for their team:)

Does all colleges have soccer?

No not every single college so be sure when looking to ask if they do have soccer. Usually you can find out on college websites the list of sports and clubs they offer

Where can I find a trusted wholesaler for soccer uniforms? are Professional soccer jersey supplier in China. They mainly wholesale high quality soccer jerseys, Spanish soccer shirts, premier soccer jerseys and other products.

Which college football coach has the most career losses?

Amos Alonzo Stagg had 190 losses. That's the most I can find at the moment. I don't believe any college football coach has more than that.

What is the growth of US soccer?

At least 880 since 1908.But a good question to ask to find the best results would be to ask "What is the growth of COLLEGE soccer.

Can a college assistant coach coach a high school JV team?

No (maybe yes), unless the person that wants to coach both, a college and high school team, gets special permission from the college. Which is very unlikely. Colleges have the coach sign a contract stating that the coach cannot coach for any other team. The only possibility of coaching both depends on the schools, the sport coached, schedules, and what the coaching position is. If the coach is an assistant coach for both the JV and college FOOTBALL teams, it would make it easier. JV teams play mostly on Thursday nights and also dress for the varsity game Friday night. College football teams play mostly on Saturdays. The coach would have to dedicate his time to the college and that means the coach might miss practices and/or games of the high school team. If that is okay with the high school and the coach tells the college and they ALSO are okay with it then coaching both will work. Do not try and hide it from the college, if they find out the coach is coaching two teams, the coach can be suspended or even fired.. Basically, if a person wants to coach two teams, the coach must talk to both teams and try to work something out. There are a lot of different possibilities of how this can turn out, so there is not a for sure yes or no answer.SHORT ANSWER: It depends on his contact with the college.

Where can you find a Nike titanium catchers mask?

You can only get it if you have a Nike contract as a college or professional player.

Where can one find a list of college bowls games?

You can find a list of college bowls games on the ESPN site, Wikipedia, better soccer coaching, Baseball Practice Plans and Football Academy. These are just some of the places you can find a list of college bowls games.

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