Do you bend your arms in volleyball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, you can use your arms and wrists as long as you use the volleyball passing technique or if your fist is closed. Having an open hand and raising your arms on the ball is an illegal lift that you will get called for in games.

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You dont bend your arms in volleyball especially when you pass

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Q: Do you bend your arms in volleyball?
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Do you bend your arms in volleyball when the balls coming hard?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!! your platform is uneven.

Where is the Oregon Volleyball Academy in Bend Oregon located?

The address of the Oregon Volleyball Academy is: 70 Sw Century Dr Ste 100-340, Bend, OR 97702-3557

What was the use of the volleyball?

To have fun, strengthen your arms, compete, improve, and make new friends! :)

What muscles are used for digging in volleyball?

your thy and arms

How do you lose weight playing volleyball?

pumping your arms

What fitness components are used for a volleyball pass?

You need to bend your knees, get in a comfortable position and don't swing your arms just lead with the leading lead towards the setter and you have a pass. it is very important not to swing your arms because the ball will go everywhere, basically you shouldn't even move your arms it should be your legs guiding the ball:)

How important is agilty in volleyball?

Very; you have to bend, and run, dive and roll. Volleyball is definitely not for un athletic people, or people with muscle problems.

Are you supposed to keep your arms straight when digging in volleyball?


What is the motion in spiking volleyball?

to spike a volleyball you swing your arms behind your back and when you jump you reach for the ball, spiking it with your wrist.

Does volleyball tone your body?

yes! especially your legs, butt and arms :)

How can you make a Lego bend their arms and legs?

Simple, you cant.

Are all the bones in your arms are bendy?

They can bend slightly under pressure but they aren't soft, no