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yes, they help your physical health mostly, mental health and social health also benefit from sports but not as much as physical.

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Yes, sports are very good for your muscles and they help you stay at a healthy weight and they build your muscles

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Q: Do sports help your health
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How can being a good sport help you develop healthy life skills?

Sports game help individuals mentally and physically. Mental and physical health boost up by playing sports game.

How does sports help your physical health?

How does sports help your physical condition? First off, it builds muscle. Secondly, it keeps you healthy, being healthy boosts your immune system, which means you will get less sick.

Explain how being a good sport can help you develop healthy life skills?

Sports game help individuals mentally and physically. Mental and physical health boost up by playing sports game.

What are the health benefits of playing sports?

The health benefits of playing a sport are directly related to the type of sport in question. Endurance type sports generally help with cardiovascular fitness and health. Strength or power sports help with muscle mass and bone density. Some sports help with brain power and memory. Ideally we should take part in sports orrecreational activities that will help us with every aspect of our health and wellbeing. That is, Balance, functional and specific strength, muscle mass, body fat, appropriate flexibility, agility, bone density, memory, social benefits, confidence and many more. Everything we need to learn about life sport can teach you. So get cracking and get busy with seasonal sports. Remember to have fun no matter how competitive you get.

What kind of a job can you get with a bachelor's degree in health science with a concentration in exercise science?

You could probably get a job in sports health and as a councelor in sports health or a trainer.

Is sports health and fitness?

Yes. Sports Is What Causes Health And Fitness.It Is One Of The Only Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy.

How soccer help your health?

Soccer is a sport for one thing, and all sports are healthy. Soccer also builds balance, speed, and stamina.

Why did sports change?

Sports change to adjust for the changing needs of the game. e.g. Some sports have introduced salary caps to help keep all their teams in a competitive pace. Other changes come in as health concerns arise. Football and hockey have been updating their rules to help reduce the number of concussions during the year.

When did Health and sports day start?


How does an inoculation help your health?

How does an inoculation help our health

How is a sports coaches job on scientific findings?

Statistics help enormously to analyse games, and formulate strategy. Also scientific findings on health, psychology and medical issues are another important area of scientific findings affecting sports

How are sports related to health?

Playing sports increases cardiovascular endurance which prevents the risk of heart attacks, strokes or other cardiovascular events. Participating in sports also increases muscle mass and decreases fat in the body which is associated with overall better health.