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no if you right to the school.

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2012-03-27 04:00:47
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Q: Do school children have to do sports out with school?
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How is sports good for school?

so children can be active

What are the negative effect of sports on children?

pull them away from school work

Because of limited opportunities in competitive school sports teams children tend to take part in sports away from school is that true or false?


What sort of Sports do Italian children play in school?

I think soccer4gotten soul....

What do kids from Spain usually do after school?

Spanish children will often go for a drink or coffee after school if they are old enough. Younger children may have tutoring after school, or sports they participate in.

Do children who play sports for their school have better grades than students that don't play sports for the school?

It depends on how well you play. Being on the sports team and doing well will help get you into a better college.

Why should sports be compulsory at schools?

If sports weren't compulsory then children would never have a lesson to look forward to the most. Sports also keeps children who don't normally get to exercise outside of school fit.

Speech to school childrens on sport day?

A speech to school children on sports day might be one of motivation and excitement. The speaker could give children who might not otherwise be involved in sports the motivation to try out and see what they are good at.

Are school sports good for children?

yes! because if you take the school sports away then the kids will become obese or overweight! the more exercise, the more fit that kid or kids will be!

What is Sargent Park school?

The school with a lot of banner's and good at sports. also a school that is a very good school for children because of there teaching skills. I am going there!!!!!!!!

What is the Percentage of children in secondary school who actually enjoy sports?

100% unless ur a fatty

Should school children be forced to play Saturday sport?

No, children should enjoy being outdoors to play sports but certainly not forced.

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