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pull them away from school work

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2011-09-25 14:48:22
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Q: What are the negative effect of sports on children?
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What are the positive effect of sports on children?

They will grow healthy

What effect does stress have on sports performance?

Stress usually has a negative effect on sports performance. When the mind is disturbed, it becomes difficult for one to coordinate physical activities.

What are negative effects of the Industrial Revolution?

A negative effect of the Industrial Revolution was crowded cities. Another negative effect of the Industrial Revolution was the unsafe working conditions and the exploitation of children to work in industries.

How does malnutrition affect sports performance?

malnutrition affects sports performance because if you don't treat your body right it will have a negative effect and you will be unable to play.

Do video games have a negative effect on children's behavior? robs children of their capability to use their imagination on their own

Is water pollution a positive or negative effect?

negative effect negative effect

Is pollute is a negative or positive?

negative effect negative effect

Do video games have and violent movies have a negative effect on children?

sometimes but they teach hand i coordination

Can parents one with A positive and other with B negative have children?

Yes. Your blood types have no effect on your ability to reproduce.

Does a roller coaster have a negative or positive effect on the brain?

Negative effect on the brain.

What Is The Negative Effect Of Evaporation?

A negative effect of evaporation is that the liquid turns into gas.

How do sports bands effect your sport?

I'm personally a football player, and when I hear the band playing, It somewhat motivates me to play even harder. It can also be a negative thing, when the music is too loud it gets hard to focus. I wouldn't say that sports bands effect every player, but it most definitely has an effect on players.

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