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I think soccer

4gotten soul....

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2009-10-29 14:10:44
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Q: What sort of Sports do Italian children play in school?
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Do children who play sports for their school have better grades than students that don't play sports for the school?

It depends on how well you play. Being on the sports team and doing well will help get you into a better college.

Should school children be forced to play Saturday sport?

No, children should enjoy being outdoors to play sports but certainly not forced.

What sports do Italian people play?


What do the Indian children do in their schools?

They study and play sports and socialize like in any other school. What did you think?

Should children with cell trait be allowed to play sports at school?

if they dont have a car they should have a phone

Are children or youth who are disabled allowed to play sport with other children who are not disabled and are they allowed to play sports both in school and outside school setting?

it depends on the disability. normally the children that are handicapped are not allowed to play and also the kids with down-syndrome are not allowed. but i have seen deaf children play with other children in sport teams... im not positive about outside of school though.

What toys do Italian children play with?

The same toys that American children play with.

What sports do children play in Australia?

Common children's sports include:cricketsoccertouchAFLvolleyballkick-itlacrosserugbyhockeyswimmingnetballbasketballsoftballt-ballbaseball

What sports do African children play?

all kinds of sports

What are sports you can do when you are an adult?

Adults can play as many sports as children can!

Why don't very many kids play sports in high school?

Why dont kids play sports in high school?

Do students that play sports in high school also participate in other extracurricular activities?

yes i play many sports in school and outer school

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