Do people everywhere in the world play soccer?

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2009-12-09 16:52:58

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A lot of countries play soccer but not necessarily all.

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2009-12-09 16:52:58
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Q: Do people everywhere in the world play soccer?
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What are some similarities of professional soccer and regular soccer?

Depends on where you play for this one. Professional soccer is pretty much the same for everywhere, but regular soccer differs around the world.

How man people play soccer in the world?

All of the soccer players

Do more people play soccer or football the most?

More people around the world play soccer, collectively.

How many people play Soccer in the world?


Is football the most played sport in the world?

no it is soccer. 1002million people play soccer AND soccer is better!

What type of people play soccer?

awsome people and the whole world does.

How many people play Soccer Football in the world?

About an estimation from FIFA 600,000,000 peoples play or enjoy soccer in the world. In different ways.

Why do people play soccer in France?

They enjoy it just like any other sport , the same as people everywhere. the French are no different

What do people do for entertainment today?

it is probaly soccer..... i think more people play soccer in this world than anyother sport

Do people in china like to play soccer?

pretty much every country in the world likes to play soccer, so yeah

How many people play soccer?

Over 3.5 billion people enjoy soccer world wide, though that is an estimate from a few different sources. This is not saying that these 3.5 billion people play soccer, but they do have an interest in it, whether it be playing or watching it. I don't know what this soccer is but a lot of people play football.

How did people back then play soccer?

how did they play soccer back then

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