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Depends on where you play for this one. Professional soccer is pretty much the same for everywhere, but regular soccer differs around the world.

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Q: What are some similarities of professional soccer and regular soccer?
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What is a related careers for a soccer player?

some soccer players are called professional soccer players

Life insurance for a professional soccer player?

Want some? 4LifeGuild

What were some of mia hamm's dreams?

She wanted to become a professional soccer player!

What is the salary of a professional soccer goalie in Major league soccer?

This link had some good information. This link had some good information.

What are some of the activities a professional soccer player does?

Eat, sleep, visit the toilet and have sex.

What is the average size of a professional soccer goalkeeper?

5 feet some times 6

What are some professional sports teams in France?

Paris Saint German, AS Monaca, Troyes are some soccer teams

How do you play professional soccer?

Answer "How do you play professional socfirst you have to join a major soccer club, then you will be performing physical tests, and if you are good enough you join the B team and start practice.if you then again, Good enough to became a professional, you will surely be drafted to some teamthen again the word professiona, startsl at the moment you get some income for the practice of the game of soccer.

What is the latest age to get into professional soccer?

i think some players have started as early as age 15

Can you wear indoor soccer shoes as regular shoes?

it depends on the shoe because some have small spikes on them and some don't

What do you have to do to be a footballer?

A footballer is a professional soccer player. To become a professional sports player, you need some athletic ability. Training and hard work to develop this ability is needed.

Who are some professional soccer players?

Messi, cristiano ronaldo, Wayne Rooney , aaron Ramsey ,mark Albrigthon ....

Has there been a professional soccer player that never scored a goal?

Yes, but rarely. Only goalies and defenders never score during their time as professional soccer players but defenders have eradicated that factor as defenders have scored some of the beautiful goals ever scored. Goalies have scored some goals through set-pieces.

What are the acronyms for US Pro soccer?

Some acronyms for U.S. Pro Soccer would include the USSF which stands for the United States Soccer Federation and there are also three professional soccer league divisions under the United States Soccer Federation. Division I, the strongest and highest division, is made up of teams from MLS or Major League Soccer. Division II is made up of teams from the NASL or the North American Soccer League. Division III, the weakest and lowest division, is made up of teams from the USL Pro, or United Soccer Leagues Professional Division.

What are some professional soccer players emails i need to get an interview for a project PLEASE HELP 3?

ronaldo@fifa.brazil haha

What are some of the soccer tricks the professional soccer players do?

Professional soccer players have many tricks up their sleeve and most of them seem to be variations of fancy footwork. The stepover and hocus pocus are two of the most common tricks you will see played on the field. The point of the trick is to mislead an opponent into thinking you are about to perform a certain action and then to gain headway toward the goal.

When did soccer become a professional sport?

Soccer became a Professional sport when teams began paying players to play for their wandering teams in the early 1800's. (Also the reason why many Soccer Teams are called the Wanderers or Rovers) Many teams were a collection of players who were drawn from various areas areas to compete against other teams, and to attarct the best players, some teams started paying players to play for them. This made them a "professional" player.

Is there a delay for thunder during soccer?

In non-professional football, they do delay a game for lightning/thunder, and on some cases, heavy rain.

Which sports can't we play without technnology?

Robot soccer, professional gaming, and car racing would be some of the many examples.

What are some ways to improve accuracy for soccer?

Well, one way you can improve your accuracy is taking private lessons with professional soccer players or someone you know that plays. There are many other ways but that is a good one.

What states offer professional soccer jobs?

California, Washington D.C., and some others but im not sure. those two are the most famous.

When was soccer made a professional sport?

It was in England that professional soccer was made legal, and teams began forming (or were already formed and turned pro). The year was 1885 and the month was July. Association football was an amateur sport for some time. But some football (soccer) teams had begun hiring players with exceptional skills, and there was strong debate over the "pay for play" approach. The desire to have professional players and clubs was a business decision, and it was agreed at a conference that players could be paid and could play legally. A link can be found below to check facts and learn more.

What is the professional record for soccer goals in one game?

40 goals agains 0 these was AUSTRALIA agains some other team

Soccer teams with ages under 20?

in nebraska there are good soccer teams under the age of 20 if you are in the range of 10 to about 15 then go for viva it is a boy and girl club then if you want just a girl soccer club go for toro that is some professional training. i prefer the toro soccer club i liked it the best great coaches!

What professional soccer coach is looking for more players?

Probably every team around the world is looking to enhance their squad for the new season. The problem is some have money, and some don't.