How man people play soccer in the world?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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All of the soccer players

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Q: How man people play soccer in the world?
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fistly did you mean man u as in Manchester united? if fyou did then the answer is no because only countries play in the soccer world cup

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I'm not sure if all of the soccer teams at all levels play with the same amount of people, but in high school soccer we have 11 people on the field including our goalkeeper.

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man city

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it will be Pele from brasil

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i dont know......... normal people dont play pokemon, go outside play soccer, go chelsea, inter game was rigged, sru barca,inter, and man u!

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yes, it can be. I am not a girl, but do play soccer. I have many girls on my team. We even played an all girl team once. so yes it is.

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