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All of the soccer players

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Q: How man people play soccer in the world?
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Did the man you soccer team play in the soccer world cup?

fistly did you mean man u as in Manchester united? if fyou did then the answer is no because only countries play in the soccer world cup

Who was the man to play soccer?


Is soccer a girl's sport?

No olny real man play

Movie where girl pretend to be boy to play soccer?

She's the man.

How do you get flash in Pokemon?

i dont know......... normal people dont play pokemon, go outside play soccer, go chelsea, inter game was rigged, sru barca,inter, and man u!

Who is the best team inthe world in soccer?

man city

How many people still play world at war for PC?

Only hackers man

How is soccer so famous?

It is the World's oldest professional sport and is played in more countries than any other. It is thought that civilisations such as the Aztecs and indigenous people of South America would play their own versions of the beautiful game. During the first World War a 1914 Christmas day peace fire between British and German forces resulted in a massive soccer game played on 'No Man's Land' between the opposing forces. In short, soccer unites people!

What is the name of the movie when a girl pretends to be a boy just to play soccer?

Shes the man

What black man retired as a soccer champion of the world?

it will be Pele from brasil

Who was second man on moon?

what county won first soccer world cup

Who was first black man to play for man utd?

For American fans, you are referring, I assume, to Manchester United, which is a British football (soccer) team. Tony Whelan was the first to play for them, beginning in 1969.

Who is the second best soccer team in the world?

Liverpool - They are always second to Man United

What games did people play during World War 2?

sharades blind man's buff things like that

What sport does X-Man Cyclops play?

he has played many sports, and he has played cricket, soccer, and a few others.

How do you restitch a soccer ball?

i richest a soccer gulden ball bacause you are in the man man

What does it mean if a soccer player is issued with a red card?

they get ejected from the game, the team has to play a man down, and the player with a red card cant play in the next game.

Who is the only man to have won 3 world cup championships in soccer?

Pele. 1958, '62 and '70.

What soccer clubs did david beckham play for?

Preston North End (on loan), Man Utd, Real Madrid ,La Galaxy

Who has been the most paid sport man ever?

in football(soccer) ibrahimovice play to intermilan about 11 mil. per year

Example of Coordination in Physical fitness?

gosh i miss HW. Think about it man. What do you have to be coordinated enough at specifically to play soccer well.

Will ronaldinho play in the World Cup?

No, he was not selected in the 23 man Brazil squad, so will not play in the 2010 World Cup.

In which shakespeare play quotes all the world is a stage and all the people are actresses and actors what we do in life becomes the roles we play?

The play is "As You Like It." The complete quote is: All the world's a stage And all the men and women merely players They have their exits and their entrances And one man in his time plays many parts

How can 2 players play on pac man world 2?

you cant PAC man world 2 is only 1 player

Which player won a World cup winner 2008 and later played for man utd?

There was no football (soccer) World Cup in 2008... are you referring to a different sport?