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no, it is an immediate dead ball and baserunner is out

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Q: Do other runners advance if a base runner hinders a fielder in fielding a batted ball?
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When a fielder catches a ball and falls into the stands is it a foul ball or an out?

If a fielder catches a ball and falls into the stands, it is a dead ball and all runners advance one base. Rule 704(c) The fielder made a legal catch. At that point the batter was out. The fielder then took the ball out of play. At that point the runners were allowed to advance one base.

If a fielder catches a fly ball and falls over the center field fence can the runners advance?

If he catches the ball, the fielder's position doesn't matter.

Who has the right of way on the base path in Major league baseball?

It depends on the situation. A runner can not interfere with a fielder fielding a ball. If the fielder is not fielding the baseball, then he must get out of the runners way.

If a fielder catches a foul ball can the runners tag up?

Yes. Runners may tag up and attempt to advance on any fly ball, fair or foul.

Does runner need to tag up if a ball is caught after a rebound from another player?

Runners may tag up and advance after the first fielder touches the ball.

Can fielder tag the runners face?

yes.. and he would be out. newtest3

Can runners advance during the infield fly rule?

Yes, runners may advance at their own risk.

A pop fly is bobbled by the outfielder and the runner takes off before he has control of the ball is it out?

The runner would be out if he does not return to the base before the fielder throws it to the base. Runners may advance from their base as soon as the ball is touched by a fielder. In this case, the runner would not be out.

What baseball rule is this If a batted ball that a fielder has no chance to field hits a runner the runner is called out and the batter is credited with a single?

Baseball rules provide that a runner is out when he is struck by a batted ball (provided the ball was not touched by a fielder first). All other runners return to the base they occupied at the time of the pitch. However, the batter is awarded first base and all runners that have to advance because of this advance. The Official Baseball Rules are 5.09(f) and 7.08(f).

Is the play dead if the ball hits the batter in fair territory. Can runners advance?

Yes the ball is dead, and no the runners cannot advance.

Does a runner have to tag up to advance if an outfielder juggles the flyball?

Once the ball is first touched on the fly by a player, runners can begin to advance. For example, if a line drive caroms off the glove of the second basemen and flies out to the right fielder who catches it on the fly, runners would only have to tag up until the ball hit the second basemen's glove.

What happens to runners when a pop-up is caught in foul territory and the fielder runs into the out of play area?

If the fielder falls into the stands or the dugout after catching the foul, the ball is dead and runners are awarded base from the base they occupied at the time of the pitch.

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