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What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing a sport in college?

One advantage to playing sports in college is the fact that you will be healthier for it. A disadvantage of playing sports is the fact that your grades may suffer if you don't do it properly.

What can Russia kids do for fun?

There are a number of things that Russian kids do for fun. These include playing sports, listening to music, and playing tag.

What should you charge for a CD with kids playing sports?

Nothing, it has no meaning

How many kids die playing sports each year?

a lot

What do kids learn by playing sports?

teamwork, leadership, and self-confidence

What are some activities that kids love to do?

Playing sports, playing with their friends, and being with their parents. See related links for some free ideas for kids.

How do kids develop social skills in sports?

By participating in school sports and joining sports academies, kids can develop social skills in sports. They learn the value of teamwork, communication with teammates, and accepting responsibility when playing a team sport.

Does playing sports make you smarter?

It wouldn't really make sense if sports made you smarter. Sports make your body healthier by being active. The only thing that sports might do to help your brain is to increase strategic thinking and reflexes.

Is Gatorade really better than water while doing sports?

Yes, it rehydrates you and contains electrolytes to keep you going. Water doesn't contain those extra electrolytes. However, when not playing sports, water is much healthier. Gatorade contains a lot of sugar so when not participating in sports, water is the healthier option.

When girls started playing sports how did it affect them health wise?

When girls start playing sports it tends to make them healthier, both mentally and physically. Sports make a girl stronger and more coordinated and depending on the sport the girl may get a healthier cardiovascular system. But just as important, sports help develop a girl's self-confidence and sense of self worth. This makes her less likely to make poor choices throughout her life.

How does participation in sports make you a healthier person?

It makes you healthier because when you practice you are getting exercise.

What sports would parents worry about their kids playing?

Russian Roulette I guess. Don't worry about your kids playing a sport. They're tough, and if they aren't, well that's Darwinism.

Do sports help kids to stop playing video games all day?

not if its a sport game ;)

How many people agree with 6th graders playing sports?

I agree, of course they should be allowed to play sports. Why not? It gives kids good physical exercise, and sports lets kids be with their friends while having fun at the same time.

What are some ideas of projects for kids?

Art. Kids love to paint and the satisfaction they get out of being creative is priceless. Team sports. Kids need to figure out how to properly interact with their peers, and they get a good chance at doing so from playing team sports.

What can kids do to stay healthly?

eat healthier excersice be happy eat healthier excersice be happy

What is healthy about playing sports?

Sports give you the necessary one hour excercise you are supposed to have each day to have a healthy life. It affects your diet to eat healthier so you have more energy and get the needed amount of rest.

What kids do on their own time?

boys and some girls like to play sports. Its very common to see kids playing sports. most girls like to hang out and talk or flirt with cute guys

Do kids suffer from not playing sports?

Some people dont want to play sports, and those people dont suffer! It all depends on what you like to do.

What are the advantages in sport?

sports make us healthier and happier.

What percent of kids do better in school because they play sports?

I think sports help because if you have the policy you have to get good grades to keep playing then you work harder.

Who and how does the red cross help?

it makes kids healthier

Breakdown of sports played by kids?

most sports are played by kids !! :P :)

When was Sports Illustrated Kids created?

Sports Illustrated Kids was created in 1989.

What are some easy pantomimes for kids?

playing sports such as baseball, tennis or golf. swimming or other recreation activites