Do jumpsoles really work

Updated: 9/28/2023
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They are good to a point. They can increase vertical leap, but the best drills to do are: jumproping w/ jumpsoles, running up stairs w/ jumpsoles, lunges, bounds, and jumping up and down as many times as possible while touching the net/backboard/rim.

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Absolutely, they isolate your calf muscles and help them grow at a much much faster rate. Be aware though, because they build muscle so fast, you must rest at least one day. Be sure to stretch before use.

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Jumpsoles do work, but studies have shown that if you do the plyometric exercises with or without the shoes you will see an increase in vertical jump. So do jumpsoles work yes but are they worth your 60 bucks no just do the exercises without the shoes. Ps. I have used Jumpsoles and did in fact gain 7 inches or vertical leap but then a year later i did strength training and the same exercises without the shoes and gained 7 also. So i was happy with the product but probably wouldn't recommend to buy.

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Q: Do jumpsoles really work
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Vertical jump gain from the jumpsoles?

I personally gained only a few inches from jumpsoles.

Where can jumpsoles be used effectively?

Jumpsoles can be used for entertainment and exercise. Practical uses include being used in sports, such as basketball. Jumpsoles help one reach greater altitudes, so they might be useful in retrieving items at greater heights.

Can a 5'3 kid dunk on 10ft rim?

If you put in a lot of dedication and hard work, you could be dunking like the big dogs. I recommend Jumpsoles.

Where can you buy jumpsoles?

on ebay you can find a good pair from 60-40 dollars o a new pair from amazon for 100

What different workouts can you do in jumpsoles that increase your vertical?

Do squats, lunges, dead lift, power clean, the most effective exercises that will help your vertical ability.

How do you increase your vertical leap?

There are many exercises you can do such as squats, bulgarian squats, and others. You can also buy one of the various jump training programs such as verticaljumpzone, jumpsoles, etc.

What is the maximum height you can gain from using jumpsoles?

well if you do the program for8 weeks u will gain 8 inches but if you do more after for like 6 months you will gain 24 inches more

What vertical jump program is the best?

Do squats and calf raises to improve your strength. There is no perfect program that will help everybody because every athlete is different. But I would suggest buying jumpsoles.

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