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2009-09-28 18:13:53
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Q: Do hard skateboard wheels wear faster than soft skateboard wheels?
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How do you tell if skateboard wheels are hard or soft?

Well how you can tell if the skateboard wheels are hard or soft is that rubber is so hard because it is full of rubber

What wheels are faster bike or skateboard?

Thin soft racing wheel

What classifies as hard and soft wheels on a skateboard?

It's all a matter of testing the wheels out, there is no scale, they can range from as soft as cruiser wheels to as hard as bones wheels.

Do soft skateboard wheels grip the ground better than the hard wheels?


What is better for more grip hard Skateboard wheels or soft ones?

soft ones

What is the difference between hard soft skateboard wheels?

How they grip the ground.

What are the differences of hard skateboard bushings and soft skateboard bushings?

soft ones make it easyer to turn

What goes faster a skate board or roller blades?

well that depends. a skateboard goes pretty slow on rough terrain unless you have soft wheels. rollerblades are a bit more all-terrain but you can also get all-terrain wheels for a skateboard, too. skateboard just FLIES going downhill. you go really fast.

What does 78a mean?

78a would be a soft wheels those wheels are usally on long boards or cruisers "#a" would be the durometer of a skateboard wheel 90-100+ is usally a hard wheel 80- is softer. harder wheels are for tricks and street skateboarding and they slide easier as well. as for soft wheels they grip better and you glide over cracks and dont feel it pretty cool soft wheels are for vert and crusing skateboarders

Which ice-cream melts faster hard or soft?

soft i think

How fast does a longboard go flatland?

The speed of a longboard on flatland has more than just how fast you push in consideration. The quality of the wheels is important, as well as how maintained the bearings are, the road condition, and how much wind or force keeping you back there is. A smooth road with harder wheels is faster than a rocky road with hard wheels. Also, soft wheels are slower than hard wheels on most surfaces. Then you have to judge how hard you can push.

Which have more frequency hard X ray or soft x rays?

Hard x-rays have a higher or faster frequency than soft x-rays.

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