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Q: Do any NBA players wear compression socks?
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Do players in the NBA have to wear NBA brand socks?


What is the purppose of nba socks?

Without socks, the players would get blisters

Can you wear Nike socks in the nba?


What are the headphones the NBA players wear?

The NBA players wear Beats by Dr.Dre

Why do some NBA players wear those covers socks or whatever their called on one of their arms?

Those are actually called "shooting sleeves" and basketball players wear them to help maintain their shooting form.

Does Kevin Durant wear elite socks?

NBA is sponsored by Adidas so he can not wear them in games but Kevin Durant is sponsored by Nike so he does have his own elite socks. NBA game socks are made by Bare Feet not adidas.

Do You Have To Wear A Cup In The NBA.?

No, and most do not. Many do wear compression shorts however.

What NBA players wear 20?

Ray allen!

How many players in the NBA wear?

number 23

Can players in the NBA allowed to wear a ring when playing?


Which NBA players wear number 35?

Kevin derunt does

What nba players wear number 37?

Ron artest