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You can buy NBA socks at the NBA team shop.

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Q: Where can you get some NBA socks at?
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Do players in the NBA have to wear NBA brand socks?


Do players in the NBA have to wear NBA socks?


Are NBA socks cool?


What is the purppose of nba socks?

Without socks, the players would get blisters

Can you wear Nike socks in the nba?


How was the NBA in the 1950s?

short shorts long socks

Does Kevin Durant wear elite socks?

NBA is sponsored by Adidas so he can not wear them in games but Kevin Durant is sponsored by Nike so he does have his own elite socks. NBA game socks are made by Bare Feet not adidas.

Do any NBA players wear compression socks?


Are hockey socks different from football socks?

Hockey socks have vertical ribs. Football socks are smooth. We needed to get some hockey socks for part of a school and football socks will be fine.

Why are some socks called tube socks?

They are shaped like a tube!

Where could one buy NBA socks?

NBA socks could be bought from many locations whether online, or at any clothing retail store, including malls. Most pairs sell from 12-18 dollars and are known to be worn by lots of fans of basketball, just like their favorite athletes.

What exactly are novelty socks?

Novelty socks are any type of sock that is frivolous, cute or funny in nature. Some examples would be socks that feature character designs, toe socks or socks in bright patterns or colors.

Are Allen Iverson's socks actually socks or is it some kind of wrap?

bit of both

How are some socks prevented from becoming smelly socks?

it is recognited in its regulated sock system

Where can I find some 2xu compression socks online?

You can find some 2xu compression socks on their actual website which is This should give you a succesful result on your search for the 2xu compression socks.

What type of compression socks are there?

There are variety of different kinds of compression socks that fit to a variety of people's different needs. For example, some socks help to assist injured people with shin splints, whereas some socks assist in correcting running form.

Why do some NBA players wear those covers socks or whatever their called on one of their arms?

Those are actually called "shooting sleeves" and basketball players wear them to help maintain their shooting form.

What are some positive qualities of merino socks?

Merino socks are socks that are made of the wool from the Merino sheep. Some of the good qualities of socks being made from this wool are that they breathe better and the wool wicks better than other sock materials made from synthetics.

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I wouldn't waste my money on compression running socks if you are just fine with regular socks. I would invest the extra money on some nicer shoes if anything. To me, socks are socks, but shoes are not just shoes.

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Some people like wearing socks with leather shoes, and some do not. It comes down to personal preference.

Do you wear socks with sanuks?

yes you can wear them with some mid height nike socks.

What stores are good for purchasing socks for men?

Almost any department store will have some men's socks available. Wigwam specialises in socks, that's one option. J Crew has some options available as well.

Do you wear socks under football socks?

Many players wear socks, stockings, or some other cloth layer under their shin guards to prevent chaffing.

Which companies manufacture walking socks?

Walking socks are specially-built socks made to provide comfort on the feet. Some companies that currently produce these unique padded socks are Thorlo, SmartWool, SealSkinz, Windsor, and Dahlgren.

Should Teens Wear Long Socks?

It does't make any difference some cut their socks to their ankles.