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Q: What NBA players wear number 2?
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What active NBA players wear the number 2?

joe Johnson of the atlanta hawks and mo Williams wear that number

Who NBA players wear number 2 in 2012?

Steve Blake and Derek Fisher

Which New York Yankee did not wear the number 2?

There were many players on the Yankees that didn't wear the #2. Click on the link below to see the players who did wear it.

Can 2 players play nba 2k11 on one xbox?

Yes 2 players can play NBA 2k11 on a xbox.

What soccer players wear the number 2?

Either the last man (sweeper) or left/right defenders wear the number 2 jersey

What basketball players wear number 2?

anne Marie boyum does

Who was the last player on the pistons to wear number 2?

Number 2 was retired in honor of Chuck Daly, Head Coach, 1983-92. Daly never played in the NBA; the number 2 represents the two NBA championship teams he coached.

Can 2 football players wear the same number at same position and alternate on plays?

No sure

What are the release dates for Family Feud - 1999 NBA Players vs NBA Mothers Special Day 2?

Family Feud - 1999 NBA Players vs NBA Mothers Special Day 2 was released on: USA: 13 November 2007

How much players get for losing in the playoff in the NBA?

2 thousand

Which New York Yankees players currently wear the numbers 2 and 6?

Currently, Derek Jeter wears the number 2 and the last Yankee to wear the number 6 was manager Joe Torre.

What do international basketball players have to do to get into the nba?

be the best in the nation.GO 2 COLLEGE