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yes of course it did it was made of leather

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โˆ™ 2011-01-20 16:53:39
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Q: Did the first soccer ball look different from the diamond-pattern one today?
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What was the stadioum for soccer like when it was first stared?

Stadiums for soccer were very different when soccer first started. They nowhere near as large and spacious as today's stadiums nor as glamourous to look at. They mainly consisted of some area for the spectator's to sit/stand and included the football pitch.

Where does soccer come from?

Soccer football were first played by englishmen. Today its played all over the world YOU ARE A 13ITCH

What was first year soccer was played?

Various forms of soccer have been played for thousands of years but as we know the game today, around 1857

How combert your team played soccer today in present perfect?

"your teaming has played soccer today"

Where is the sport soccer seen today?

Soccer today can be seen everywhere! :) Very popular sport

Who created the rules for soccer?

The International Football Association Board(IFAB) regulates the rules of soccer. They were the first group to organized the rules of soccer as we know it today.

What sports are popular today?

The most popular of today is soccer.

Who was soccer first founded by?

The game of football as we know it today was orignally found by the English (England). In the 18th century.

Where and when were the first Olympics games held how is it different from today?

The first Olympic game was held in Rome a long time ago and it is different from today because they played with no clothes on, they were naked.

What is the popularity of soccer today?


Who is The best soccer team in the world today?

Barcelona is the best soccer team in the world

What team does mia hamm play soccer on today?

U.S Women's soccer teamJ

How is baseball today different from when it first started?

many ways

Was the first computer different from the computers that are in your homes today?


What does it mean to play football today?

It means to play football TODAY - simple! Or as American people say it, they say "SOCCER" which means the same thing as football but with a different name.

How did soccer become the sport it is today?

by kids

How popular is this soccer today?

Soccer is very popular today. It is played in the highest number of countries and in nearly every continent. It also has the highest TV ratings.

How has soccer been adapted for different localities?

Soccer is the most famous and most played sport around the world today. There have been different variations of football in various localities, like the Futsal which is played indoor on hard floors (popular in Spain, Japan, and Brazil), Indoor Arena soccer which is popular in Europe, and beach football which is popular in Greece, Turkey, and Spain.

How are the soccer rules different today than they were in its history?

there were not leather balls and small nets, pushing and shoving were allowed, and there were not green and yellow and red cards

Is the computer keyboards different today than when first invented?


Who is the best soccer player today?

Leo Messi

Who is the leading soccer scorer in the world today?


Who are famous soccer players today?

david beckham

How many kids play soccer today?


Did Mexico win the soccer game today?