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many ways

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Q: How is baseball today different from when it first started?
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How did it differ in appearance from today?

1700s is when baseball started

When was the first flight service started?

The Dutch airline KLM was started in 1909 and is still in service today was the first airline started.

What baseball traditions did William Howard Taft start?

William Howard Taft started the traditions of the ceremonial first pitch and the seventh inning stretch. He helped make baseball what it is today..

How was world war 1 different from the war today?

Different weapons? The war today wasn't started by Archduke Franz Ferdinand's body.

What did the first baseball look like?

a torn up inside of a baseball today

What was the number of Earth's first year?

Years were not numbered when the earth first started. The numbering system for years only began with the earliest known civilisations, and their systems were quite different to what is used today.

How has the construction of the baseball changed since the game of baseball was first invented?

Click on the 'History of the Baseball' link on this page. It gives a really good answer and history of the baseball.Baseball has changed in so many ways. In 1845 it used to be more different then baseball played today.

Where and when were the first Olympics games held how is it different from today?

The first Olympic game was held in Rome a long time ago and it is different from today because they played with no clothes on, they were naked.

Where did baseball start and how is it different today?

Baseball began in the late 1700s but really took off during the Civil War. One way that it is different today is that some of the rules are different. For example it used to take 8 balls before a player could walk.

When was First Steps?

if you mean walking, it was first discovered by apes. it is when they discovered how to walk that they started to evolve into humans today.

Was the first computer different from the computers that are in your homes today?


When did the Honda company first start?

The Honda company first started in Spetember 24th, 1948. The company still runs today.

Is the computer keyboards different today than when first invented?


What is Different between Rugby when it first started then today?

the speed of the game has increased and the game has became much more technical. It isn't like the old days where people just whacked each other.

Where did rembranclt first start painting?

Remdrandt started painting in Leiden,in the Dutch Netherlands

What started today but ended yesterday?

The day that is today ended yesterday and started this morning.

How was the first chewing gum different from chewing gum today?

The first chewing gum was whale blubber.

Why were The Beatles so exciting?

Because when they first started singing (and becoming immensely popular), they were completely different from any other singers at the time. Also the songs they sang were amazing and are still very popular today.

How were the very first violins different from today's violins?

The violin was held between the legs just like a cello is today.

Did SpongeBob and friends look different when SpongeBob first come out?

When Spongebob was first created, it was drawn by hand.Over time they started to use computers to create the scenes rather than drawing them.When they started using computers, this allowed for the toonanime appearance Spongebob has today.

What was the name of the network that resulted from the internet invention project?

The Internet started as Arpanet; today it is called the Internet.The Internet started as Arpanet; today it is called the Internet.The Internet started as Arpanet; today it is called the Internet.The Internet started as Arpanet; today it is called the Internet.

Why has your period stopped straight away after taking pill on first day of bleeding?

This happened to me today, when I started taking it.

What happened in history today 29th of July?

In 1835, on the 29th of July, the first sugar plantation in Hawaii was started.

How long has Andy Biersack been in Black Veil Brides?

Andy Biersack,lead singer,started Black Veil Brides.He started it in 2006.No members of the band today were even in the band when it first started.

When did skateboarding begin as a sport?

Skateboarding first came from surfurs hwo wanted to "surf" on land. It first started out as just a box on wheels, then it came to what it is today. It started out in the 1930's. SKATEBOARDING RULES!