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Q: Did the eagles ever win a Super Bowl a long time ago?
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How long has it been since Eagles been to a Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXXIX was there last one, in 2005, so 9 years ago at the time of answering the question.

How long was dick vermeil the head coach of the eagles?

7 seasons (1976-1982). His overall record with the Eagles was 54-47 and the Eagles made the playoffs four times (1978, 1979, 1980, 1981) and the Super Bowl once (Super Bowl XV losing to the Oakland Raiders).

Did howie long ever win a super bowl?

Yes ... he won 1 as a member of the Raiders who defeated the Redskins is Super Bowl XVIII.

How long was the longest Super Bowl game?

super bowl 30.

How long has it been ever since the packers went to the Super Bowl?

2010 They won against the steelers

Did New Orleans ever host or play in a Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints have never played in a Super Bowl. Many Super Bowls have been hosted in the Louisiana Superdome, But a long time ago, it was known as Tulane Stadium. Another Super Bowl will be hosted by the Saints in 2013. It will be the 10th Super Bowl hosted in the Superdome. The Saints do hope to one day go to a Super Bowl.

Can you buy a Super Bowl ring?

yes as long as a super bowl winner is selling one

When did the jets go to the Super Bowl?

A very long time ago (1969, in Super Bowl III).

How long was Super Bowl halftime 2010?

The Super Bowl halftime period is a scheduled thirty minutes.

How long is Super Bowl?

all day

How long did it take the 49's to win first Super Bowl?

From the start of the Super Bowl era they waited 16 years to win their first Super Bowl.

Does Howie Long have a Super Bowl ring?

Yes, he was a member of the Raiders that defeated the Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII.

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