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Q: How long did each quarterback who won a super bowl play in the nfl before he won a super bowl?
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Who has the most quarterback wins in the Super Bowl?

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are tied with four super bowl wins each.

What quarterback has completed the most passes in a Super Bowl game?

Tom Brady of the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVIII and Drew Brees of the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV, each with 32 completions.

Which NFL quarterback has more appearances in the Super Bowl?

Both John Elway and Tom Brady have the most Super Bowl appearances at 5 each. Terry Bradshaw and Troy Aikman have 4 Super Bowl appearances each.

What quarterback has the most Super Bowl wins?

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw each with 4.

Who are the Quarterback win leaders in Super Bowls?

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana each have 4 Super Bowl wins

Who was on the most Most Super Bowl teams quarterback?

The quarterback that was on the most Super Bowl teams was backup Gale Gilbert. He was on the roster of the four Buffalo Bills teams that went to the Super Bowl (Super Bowls XXV through XXVIII) and the San Diego Chargers team that played in Super Bowl XXIX, a total of five Super Bowls. Incredibly, his team lost the Super Bowl each time.

What nfl quarterback has most super bowl wins?

Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers and Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers each have four Super Bowl wins.

Which NFL quarterback has won the most Super Bowl contests?

Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers are tied with four Super Bowl wins each.

Who was the quarterback in each Giants Super Bowl win?

The New York Giants have won four super bowls. The following quarterbacks have won a Super Bowl with the Giants: Super Bowl XXI - Phil Simms Super Bowl XXV - Jeff Hostetler Super Bowl XLII -Eli Manning Super Bowl XLVII - Eli Manning See the related link to read more.

Which quarterback has the most super bowl championships in nfl history?

Its a tie between Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana with 4 each

Which quarterbacks have won 4 Super Bowl games as a starter?

Terry Bradshaw (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Joe Montana (San Francisco 49ers) have each won four Super Bowl games as a starting quarterback.

What NFL teams had lost four Super Bowl games each through the year of 1996?

Buffalo bills with Jim Kelley as the Quarterback

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