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30 mins

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Q: How long was halftime in Super Bowl I?
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How long was Super Bowl 43 halftime?

30 minutes.

How long was the halftime of Super Bowl 44?

31 minutes

How long is Super Bowl 45 halftime?

30 min.

Who is performing at halftime of Super Bowl 43?

Bruce Springsteen is the halftime guest at Super Bowl 2009.

How long did halftime last in the 2009 super bowl?

25 mins

How long is the NFL halftime?

12 minutes except for the Super Bowl game.

Who or what was the halftime entertainment at super bowl 3?

Halftime entertainment at Super Bowl III was provided by the Florida A&M Marching Band.

Has Taylor Swift ever played at a Super Bowl halftime show?

No, she never performed at a super bowl halftime show.

What is the best halftime show in sports?

The halftime show at the Super Bowl

Who is playing at halftime at 2010 super bowl?

The Who

Were the who good at the Super Bowl halftime show?


Who will perform at the 2010 super bowl at halftime?

the Who