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They are different distances apart so the gymnasts can their tricks! For example, they stand up on the low bar, then jump to the high bar and swing on it. They wouldn't be able to do that if they were the parallel.

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Yes it can be slightly adjusted for each gymnast but there are restrictions as to how much. Russian gymnast Svetlana Khorkina often competed with the bars as far apart as allowed due to her tall height.

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Q: Did the distance between the uneven bars ever change?
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How high are the gymnastics uneven bars?

It depends on your height. Im not exactly sure on the settings though. The high of the upper bar is 241cm, lower bar 161cm and the distance between is 130cm or 180cm.

How were gymnastics uneven bars invented?

The uneven bars that are a 20th century addition. They grew in response to women competing in professional sports. The uneven bars were created to help women focus on strength and stamina in the field of gymnastics.

What is the name of the bars on which female gymnasts compete?

They are called the uneven bars.

What name is given to the bars on which female gymnasts compete?

uneven bars

When we're uneven bars first used?

The women's uneven bars started out when the men's parallel bars were adjusted so that one bar was high and one low with added supports to allow them to swing in a different direction than the bars were created for. Each Olympic cycle after women's gymnastics became an Olympic sport, the uneven bars were moved further and further apart until they began to resemble the men's high bar apparatus. Today, women's uneven bars are almost to the point of being to parallel high bars. Because of the added bar, women have had to become more proficient than most men when it comes to technical execution of basic and advanced skills on the Uneven Bars.

Who did the back flip on the uneven bars?

Hello not

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What is Nastia Liukin's favorite event in gymnastics?

The Uneven Bars, but she is also VERY good on Balance Beam.

What are the other position in gymnastic?

beam vault uneven bars and rings and parell bars

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What sport competes on an uneven parallel bars?


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