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Q: What sport competes on an uneven parallel bars?
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Is the parallel bars at gymnastics for boys girls or both?

The parallel bars are for the men's gymnastics team but the women's routines involve the uneven bars. Hope that helps. :)

How did uneven bars begin?

The women's uneven bars started out when the men's parallel bars were adjusted so that one bar was high and one low with added supports to allow them to swing in a different direction than the bars were created for. Each Olympic cycle after women's gymnastics became an Olympic sport, the uneven bars were moved further and further apart until they began to resemble the men's high bar apparatus. Today, women's uneven bars are almost to the point of being to parallel high bars. Because of the added bar, women have had to become more proficient than most men when it comes to technical execution of basic and advanced skills on the Uneven Bars.

What ringsmat and parallel bars?

They are to do with the sport of gymnastics.

Is there a sport beginning with q you x or z?

uneven bars gymnastics

What is an Olympic sport that starts with the letter U?

· uneven bars gymnastics

Which sport uses rings and parallel bars?


How do the uneven bars work in gymnastics?

The uneven bars are for the girls only. The boys use the parallel bars instead. On the uneven bars you can do chin up pull overs,back chin up pullovers, straddle on, squat on and every thing i just listed on the higher bar of the even bars too.

What 6 events do male gymnasts compete in?

from memory... Floor, parallel bars, uneven bars, rings, vault, and horse.

What are the women's gymnastic events?

# Uneven Parallel Bars # Balance Beam # Floor Exercise # Vault

What sport does a gymnastic do at the Olympics?

balance beam uneven bars vault and floor routine

Is there a sport that begins with U?

· uneven bars gymnastics · unicycle basketball · ultimate frisbee

What two summer Olympic events do men not compete in?

Synchronized swimming and parallel uneven bars in gymnastics

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