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· uneven bars gymnastics

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Q: Olympics starting with U
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Where will the Olympics be starting at 2012?


Can you be in the Olympics?

yes if u try hard in what u want to do

Which sport is starting the Olympics?

bmx i think

What channel is the Olympics 2012 starting on?

The IOC Olympics will air on NBC at 7:30 tonight.

When did the Olympics start to let girls compete?

Women were able to participate in the Olympics starting in 1900.

What are the release dates for U-Verse Buzz - 2007 Olympics?

U-Verse Buzz - 2007 Olympics was released on: USA: 1 May 2008

When and where will the Olympics?

Brasil I believe I LOVE U

Ancient games still have in Olympics?

u can answer it

What was the key event in the Olympics?

the keey event is u

How did the world get involved in the Olympics?

well u know...

Who came up with the original name Olympics?

The Modern Olympics (starting in 1859) were in Greece in a city called Olympia. I suppose Olympia is where they got the word Olympics from.

How many Olympics has there been where is the next Olympics meant to be?

Starting in 1896, there have been 29 in the modern era, not including the winter olympics. Making the upcoming Olympics in London the 30th of the modern era.