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NO BY Lil Charles

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Q: Did Torres play any other sport besides football?
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What other sport did Deion Sanders play besides football?

Besides professional football, Deion Sanders also played professional baseball.

What is the most popular sport besides football?

basketball daaa

What do they call football in other countries besides the US?

Football is commonly termed "American Football" in other countries. Most countries refer to football as soccer. American Football thus clarifies which sport they are actually talking about.

Why is football players treated better than other hader working players in other sports?

America loves football more than any other sport, besides they don't get paid as much.

What is john cena's sport besides wrestling?

football he played football back when he went to college and baketball.

In webkinz do you get any other sport uniform besides the baseball one?

Yes, the blue football jersey sold at kinzstyle outlet.

How does football compare to other sports?

In comparison to other sports, football is a contact sport. In almost every other sport there is no touching or there will be a penalty.

Where did they play football at?

They played football on a open field and football is a fun sport girls loves boys who play football or any other sport but mostly football!

What sport is so dangerous besides cheerleading?

Statistics show that cheerleading is THE most dangerous sport in the US with more youth and female injuries than any other sport. Others that come close are Rugby, Ice Hockey, and Tackle Football

What sport would you use steroids in?

Baseball, football, and any other sport.

Which day in the year that there are no pro sports playing?

I would say all the holidays besides Thanksgiving. But that's just Football so any other sport I do not know.

Are football and soccer the same sport?

Yes and no In England and other other countries they call Soccer Football. In the US and lots other coutries Soccer IS just Soccer and Football is the NFL type of sport

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